CW TEC 2020: Demystifying the Edge

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CW TEC 2020 will explore the concept of the 5G edge, reviewing the role of edge computing within the broader 5G architecture evolution.

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About the event

It’s difficult to read about 5G without seeing mention of the "edge" - edge computing, edge cloud, edge services… but what is the edge? Where is the edge? And why is the edge important for 5G?

CW TEC will bring delegates up to speed on the concept of the 5G edge: reviewing the role of edge computing within the broader 5G architecture evolution, exploring what edge brings to infrastructure, and how edge can enable innovative products and services.

The location of the edge will be discussed along with studies of latency in real, operational mobile network environments. The event will provide context to the work in ETSI ISG MEC and explore where multi-access edge computing will sit within future converged fixed and mobile networks.

The annual CW TEC provides a dynamic forum for harnessing knowledge, driving lively debate and networking at a senior level. It offers a more technical and focused agenda than the International Conference, exploring an emerging problem space that the CW community has highlighted as being particularly worthy of debate. Past event topics have included quantum computing and the impact on spectral value of mobile, satellite, TV, IoT and wearable technologies. The conference format and agenda is driven by the CW membership.

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Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices.

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ADVA is a company founded on innovation and driven to help our customers succeed. We are engaging in multiple mobile projects and development within the O-RAN ecosystem.

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The information supplied below may be subject to change before the event.

CW TEC 2020: Demystifying the Edge - Day 1


Registration and networking


Welcome from CW (Cambridge Wireless) - Simon Mead, CEO, CW


A word from our Platinum sponsor, Huawei


Edge computing in the 5G era - Roberto Kompany, Senior Analyst, Analysys Mason

What is edge computing? What are use cases that will benefit from edge? What are the opportunities and threats for mobile operators in the 5G era? There has been a lot of discussions about 5G in the recent few years, however, mobile operators will only deliver incremental value if they have a combined 5G and edge computing strategy. Also, although mobile operators will be important players in the edge space, they will not be the only ones and unless the move up the value chain they will not get the full benefits that edge will provide.


Finding the edge, and why this matters - Andy Sutton, Principal Network Architect, BT

Mobile network operators need to identify their network edge to enable the optimal 5G network architecture, the location of the edge will differ between operators and even between services within a given operator. This talk will consider the thinking that goes in to identifying the network edge and review some of the key inputs to the decision-making process. Such inputs include; network latency measurements, RAN architecture and its planned evolution, service platforms and their alignment with future products and services, core network planning and Internet peering and transit locations


Q&A for all speakers


Networking and exhibition


Measuring latency in smart factories – anything else? - Arnd Sibila, Technology Marketing Manager, Rohde & Schwarz

Latency is certainly a very important KPI for smart factory use cases. In future, it will be ensured with latency Service Level Agreements. This talk will show how to measure latency and how to verify that SLAs are fulfilled. But is latency the only consideration? If factory owners rely on wireless connectivity to interconnect robots/cobots/AGV/AMR/etc. in a smart factory, another key requirement is availability. Unfortunately, availability/redundancy and latency are related to each other. The presentation will also discuss how the redundant infrastructure deployment can be validated.


5G with an Edge - Professor Rahim Tafazolli, Regius Professor, The University of Surrey & Director, ICS/5GIC

This talk will cover the role of edge computing and processing in implementing efficient communication protocols, and how it enables engineering Quality of Experience (QoE). We will include some videos from 5G trials to demonstrate the importance of edge computing in the modernisation of some vertical industries. The talk will conclude with an exploration of ‘what next’ from a research point of view.


Predicting the change required in networks for latency use cases – are there any dilemmas? - Alessandro Bovone, UK&I Chief Solution Architect, Nokia

5G fuels tomorrow's industry change and drives the new era for consumer communication. As humans and robots work together, in say, in a factory environment there will be a growing need for ultra-low latency and ultra-reliable networks to fulfil the requirements of the use case. This presentation will outline how Bell Labs predict the impact of these changes on a network and how one OEM is providing the best in class products and services to support operators to make well informed strategic decisions.


Q&A for all speakers


Day 1 wrap up and day 2 peek


Bring your own lunch and networking and exhibition

CW TEC 2020: Demystifying the Edge - Day 2


Registration, networking and exhibition


Welcome from CW (Cambridge Wireless) - Simon Mead, CEO, CW


Cloud - Session chaired by Cristina Data, Director of Spectrum, Ofcom

It’s difficult to read about 5G without seeing mention of the “edge” - edge computing, edge cloud, edge services… But what is the edge? Where is the edge? And why is the edge cloud important for 5G? This session will review the role of edge cloud computing within the broader 5G architecture evolution, exploring what edge cloud brings to infrastructure and how this can offer new and exciting opportunities for use cases which result in innovative products and services. This session will also provide context to the work in ETSI ISG MEC and where multi-access edge computing will sit within future converged fixed and mobile networks.


Convergence of vRAN and transport network functions at the edge - Anthony Magee, Senior Director, Global Business Development, ADVA Optical Networking

Considering the huge interest in vRAN and O-RAN, the edge infrastructure used to connect and host these functions needs to become part of the story. Many simply refer to use of Whitebox solutions, but this leaves multiple gaps in the maturity of the vRAN architecture. The transport network used to connect from cloud hosted RAN functions to radio units (RUs) influences multiple aspects such as latency, and the ability to synchronize the RAN estate. This presentation will address the essential issues and provide a roadmap towards a fit for purpose cloud hosted RAN architecture.


Network Function Virtualization and Cloud Native Architectures for 5G - Antía Fernández López, R&D CoDirector of Intelligent Systems Area, Gradiant

The initial NFV deployments for mobile operators didn't bring all expected benefits, since they used a “lift and shift” migration approach, being unable to unlock the full potential of the cloud. The next phase of innovation in 5G is focusing on adopting Cloud Native technologies to achieve web scale and economies of scale. This new NFV reference architecture accommodates Cloud Native Network Function (CNF) and enhancements to NFV framework including Zero-Touch, Containers, Service Mesh or Load Balancers as part of the reference architecture.


The EDGE CLOUD: Key Development for 5G Vision Services, RAN Virtualization & Securing IoT in the Mobile Multi-Cloud - Ian Goetz, Chief Architect - Mobile Solutions, Juniper Networks

This talk will cover the market conditions driving the need for the Edge Cloud; the RAN Network Evolution Impacting Edge Cloud Capability such as timing and bandwidth; the intersection with Virtualized and Open RAN; location and latency (where should the Edge Cloud be sited?) and network functions for low latency services. Use Cases and some PoCs will be explored to show it is real!


Q&A for all speakers


Networking and exhibition


Webscalers - Session chaired by Caroline Gabriel, Co-founder and Research Director, Rethink Technology Research

How can the major web players deliver low latency services? Large international data centres have supported the huge growth of services which are accessed across the public Internet however there’s a price to pay for large centralised facilities, that price is higher network latency. What technical solutions exist for web scale players to reduce network latency and how can they work cooperatively with network operators to deliver low latency services for consumer and enterprise markets? This session will explore these questions and discuss the technical integration options for mass market low latency services such as gaming, augmented reality and virtual reality.


Now go build @the edge - Donatello Gassi, Head of Solutions Architecture, Telecom (EMEA) at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Learn about how you can build solutions at the edge with AWS. The presentation covers different architectural scenarios and an overview of AWS Wavelength, a service that allows you to deploy applications at the edge of a mobile carrier’s 5G network. By combining the benefits of 5G, such as high bandwidth and low latency, with the ability to use AWS tools and services developers are familiar with, you’re able to build next generation edge applications quickly and easily.


Hyperscalers, 5G and the edge - Sergio Gonzalez, Lead Cloud Architect, Microsoft

Microsoft has a defined set of services and functions intended for reducing latency and with 5G enabling an explosion in use cases, hyperscalers can provide huge value. This talk will cover the technologies we can use for bringing added value from the cloud to the edge and make those use cases possible (Edge ML, DevOps, Containers..) and the use cases Microsoft are working on now.


Closing remarks


Bring your own lunch, networking and exhibition


Iris Barcia - Pr. Mng. MPN Architecture, Vodafone

Iris Barcia is a multidisciplinary professional with entrepreneurial experience in the telecommunication industry. She is an innovator and forward-looking technologist that has worked directly with international executive teams and engineers at Tier 1 network operators, network infrastructure vendors, neutral-host vendors, government organizations, and services companies. She has been involved in the proposal and assessment of novel HetNet strategies for nation-wide 4G, 5G, IoT and public-safety networks, with a focus on future capacity provision and multi-technology evolution. More recently she’s focusing on Open RAN and MPNs. Prior to Vodafone, Iris has been the co-owner and COO of Keima, and has worked on RAN design, optimization and deployment projects at Telefonica and European rural broadband wireless initiatives. She has a BSc and MSc in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Vigo (Spain) and an MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK).

Alessandro Bovone - CTO North & West Europe, Independent

Alessandro has been appointed Nokia Strategy & Technology CTO for North and West Europe in May 2021. Alessandro is a passionate telecommunications network chief architect and customer CTO with 25+ years of industry experience working in many different areas and domains. In actual role Alessandro is accountable for Nokia North & West Europe strategy and technology evolution, holding key Nokia interface with Customers, Governments and Technology bodies. Alessandro’s today focus is on 5GAdv, 6G, NaaC, disaggregation and evolution of fix/mobile communication to achieve COP26 pledges.

Previously Alessandro played a key role in game changing telecommunication industry JV, M&A and takeover like EE (merge Orange UK & T-Mobile UK), MBNL, BT/EE, Nokia/ALU and some of key programme in UK and Europe like Emergency Service Network and commercial/public safety Air to ground.

Alessandro was at forefront of 3G and 4G deployment and 5G introduction in Europe and drive expansion of fix, convergence and digital transformation in Telco and wider test and introduction of innovative solutions like private wireless network, XGS-PON and IoT.

Antia Fernandez - R&D CoDirector of Intelligent Systems Area, GRADIANT

Antía Fernandez is the CoDirector of Intelligent Systems area at Gradiant, where I lead the Industry 4.0 strategy based on collecting data and generating value for the companies using Big Data, 5G, Edge Computing, IoT and Data Analytics technologies. She has been applying ICT technologies to SME and large companies for more than a decade, being the main researcher and also project manager in 50+ national and regional projects. She has also given speeches and trainings in different business schools and universities. Finally, she collaborates with the European Commission as an external expert for H2020 projects. 

Donatello Gassi - Head of Solutions Architecture, Telecom (EMEA), Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Donatello A. Gassi is the Head of Solutions Architecture for the EMEA Telecom Vertical at AWS and is responsible for creating architectural best practices and working with Telco customers on how they use the cloud and innovation to transform their own businesses or reinvent their markets. Donatello is a business orientated technologist nearly 20 years of experience in the technology industry in a variety of roles.

Prior to joining AWS, Donatello was Senior Manager with a global consulting firm, where he contributed to the creation and growth of the consulting and technology practice serving Telecom providers across Europe. Donatello earned his master degree in Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering from Bari Polytechnic and his master of Business Administration from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Donatello is passionate about his customers and about technology and how it is changing how we live and work.

Ian Goetz - Chief Architect - Mobile Solutions, Juniper Networks

Ian Goetz is the Chief Architect for Mobile Solutions and part of the Mobile Product Strategy Community within Juniper Networks. He has previously run his own contracting & consulting business and held roles at Motorola, where he was the chief core network architect for EMEA, as well as working for IBM Business Consulting Services, Tellabs, BT Cellnet and BT Laboratories, all in the mobile communications arena spanning a career of thirty years. More recently, Ian has been leading work on SDN/NFV, 5G Ready Access and MEC for the team as well as working with the Juniper EMEA and Engineering teams to create new, differentiating propositions. Ian has thirty years’ experience in the mobile communications industry and in past roles has been active in ETSI SMG2, SMG11, 3GPP SA4 and GSMA 3GIG. He is a Member of the IET (MIET) and a Chartered Engineer.

Sergio Gonzalez - Lead Cloud Architect, Microsoft

Sergio Gonzalez, Lead Cloud Architect at Microsoft, working with global network operators in their digital and network transformation strategy. Sergio has developed his career in the telecom core network space in different vendors and operators around the globe. At NetNumber, he helped defined future cloud and NFV initiatives, after which he joined Microsoft, always looking for the best way and use cases around hyperscale and telco convergence.

Roberto Kompany - Principal Analyst, Omdia

Roberto is a member of Analysys Mason’s Telecoms Software and Networks research team and is the lead analyst for the Next-Generation Wireless Networks programme focusing on strategy and market research. He is also a Cambridge Wireless Special Interest Group (SIG) mobile broadband champion. Prior to joining Analysys Mason, Roberto worked for Dixons Carphone, where he analysed the effect on the business of shifts in the telecoms market – for example, in terms of mergers, operator KPIs and technology – in Europe and the UK. Previous positions included consultancy, where he helped a variety of clients worldwide with mobile-related projects, such as a capex reduction and developing a 5-year strategy for an incumbent’s wireless infrastructure. He started his career at a leading network equipment vendor, where he served in several different capacities, such as R&D, and deployment and optimisation of mobile infrastructures across multiple continents. Roberto holds an MSc in Mobile & Satellite Communications from University of Surrey and an MBA from IE Business School.

Anthony Magee - Senior Director, Global Business Development, Adtran

Anthony Magee is responsible for driving ADVA’s mobile solutions strategy globally. He is an experienced technologist and business development professional, with 20 years in the telecommunications industry. Anthony has been involved in research and collaboration projects with academic, technology partners and customers relating to mobile architectures including 4G, Small Cells, LTE-A and 5G.

Prior to joining ADVA, Anthony worked as a technologist with UK Government. His activities within ADVA have included Hardware and Systems Engineering before reaching Principal Engineer in our Advanced Technology team. He has a first-class honours degree in electronic and electrical systems engineering from Leeds Metropolitan University.

Simon Mead - CEO, N/A

An experienced Commercial Director/CEO with a strong sales and marketing background. Successfully developing and executing sales strategies encompassing all media, partnerships, relationship sales and in field team management in the B2B market place. I have worked in hi-tech, on-line, media sales, broadcast and financial service industries. I have experience of working with Local Government, the Health Services, Public Services and in the Non for Profit sector.

Paul Scanlan - CTO Carrier Network Business Unit, Huawei

Arnd Sibila - Technology Marketing Manager, Rohde and Schwarz

Arnd Sibila joined Rohde & Schwarz in 2012 as Technology Marketing Manager for Wireless Technologies and led the Infrastructure Global Key Account Manager group. Since 2016, he has focused on Technology Marketing for the Mobile Network Testing market segment.

Previously, Arnd gained 21 years of experience at Siemens Communications and Nokia Siemens Networks where he held various technical and management positions in the field of Wireless Communication Systems and Mobile Networks Product Lifecycle (Product Management, Product Line Management, System Architecture, CTO, Business Development, Portfolio Management and Product Qualification) covering nearly all wireless technologies (LTE-Advanced, LTE, WCDMA/HSPA, WiMAX, WiFi, etc.).

Andy Sutton - BT Fellow & Principal Network Architect, BT

Andy Sutton is a BT Fellow and Principal Network Architect for Wireless Access. The wireless access domain includes 4G/5G RAN architecture and mobile backhaul/xhaul, along with microwave and millimetre wave radio systems, and satellite communications. Andy holds an MSc in Mobile Communications from the University of Salford and has over 35 years of experience within the telecommunications industry. Andy’s current research interests include advanced RAN coordination techniques, including C-RAN and OpenRAN, optical fibre and radio based backhaul/xhaul, along with LEO satellite communications and High-altitude Platform Systems (HAPS), all in the context of building resilient heterogeneous networks. Andy holds the post of Visiting Professor of Telecommunications at the University of Liverpool and the University of Salford, he is a Chartered Engineer and holds Fellowships from the IET, ITP and BCS. Andy sits on the editorial board of the ITP Journal and is a CW SIG Champion for eMBB and Wireless Heritage.

Rahim Tafazolli - Research Fellow, University of Surrey (ICS)

Rahim Tafazolli, Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering, IET, WWRF and Regius Professor of Electronic Engineering, Professor of Mobile and Satellite Communications, Founder and Director of 5GIC, 6GIC and ICS (Institute for Communication Systems) at the University of Surrey. He has over 30 years of experience in digital communications, research and teaching. He has authored and co-authored more than 1000 research publications and is regularly invited to deliver keynote talks and distinguished lectures to international conferences and workshops. He was advisor to the Mayor of London (Boris Johnson) on London 2050 Infrastructure.

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