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About the event

CW TEC 2019 is a day designed specifically for engineers. With 5G moving from theory into practice, this one day event will explore in intimate detail the new technologies that are transforming the mobile network.

Take for example spectrum. Frequencies that had been considered worthless are now underpinning 5G deployments with the help of some clever engineering - and massive MIMO. Massive MIMO is not massive at all, but can bring enormous benefit when it comes to increasing capacity and improving coverage. Unsurprisingly it’s referred to in some circles as the magic MIMO. What role is massive MIMO going to play in the future - and how massive can the operators go?

Elsewhere in the access network, satellites have long been used for providing emergency communications, broadband in hard to reach areas and as backhaul for cellular networks. However, the long round trip time of signals for medium earth orbit (MEOs) and geostationary orbit (GEOs) satellites have prevented them from moving outside of this niche. With many low earth orbit (LEO) mega constellations emerging, satellites are now a potential mass enabler of 5G, standards permitting. But what contributions from satellites can we realistically expect?

At CW TEC 2019, we will focus on new 5G technologies that are changing the industry today, the consequences of which will reverberate long into the future. With a particular focus on the engineering challenges of 5G access networks and last mile connectivity – including delivering on latency targets, or providing coverage to rural areas - the agenda will give delegates access to the opinions and experience of prominent subject matter experts from across the telecommunications industry.

The annual CW TEC provides a vibrant and dynamic form for harnessing knowledge, driving lively debate and networking at a senior level. It offers a more low-level, technical and focused agenda than the International Conference, exploring an emerging problem space that the CW community has highlighted as being particularly worthy of debate. Past event topics have included quantum computing and the impact on spectral value of mobile, satellite, TV, IoT and wearable technologies. The conference format and agenda is driven by the CW membership.

This year's CW TEC will be on the 26 September at the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge.

You can follow @cambwireless on Twitter and tweet about this event using #CWTEC.

Sponsored by CGI

CGI is a global IT and business process services provider delivering business consulting, systems integration and outsourcing services.

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Sponsored by Sitetracker

Our Mission: Power the successful deployment of critical infrastructure.

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Sponsored by Chronos Technology

Leading international authority on resilient network sync and timing solutions.

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Sponsored by InterDigital Europe

InterDigital develops fundamental wireless technologies.

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Hosted by Digital Technology Group, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge

We are one of the research groups within the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory.

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Exhibitor: MCS Test

MCS are a leading supplier of EMC & Wireless test equipment

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Exhibitor: Anritsu

Anritsu provides a spectrum of products designed to support all of the major global standards

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Supported by UK5G

The national innovation network dedicated to the promotion of research, collaboration and the commercial application of 5G in the UK.

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Supported by 3G4G

3G4G is on a mission to educate the end-users about mobile cellular technology.

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The information supplied below may be subject to change before the event.


Registration and networking with refreshments


Breakfast briefing - Massive MIMO: The key to unlocking 5G user experiences; Emiliano Mezzarobba, Senior RF Systems Consultant, Cambridge Consultants

In this Breakfast Briefing, Emiliano will explore the role of Massive MIMO in 5G networks and explain how the technology has the potential to enhance connectivity with higher speeds and improved user experiences


Welcome from CW (Cambridge Wireless); Simon Mead, CEO, CW


Welcome from our host The Computer Labs; Dr Ian Wassell, Senior Lecturer, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory


A word from our Platinum sponsor; One year on and our thoughts for the year ahead; Guy Matthews, Director of Emerging Technology, CGI


Scene setting and introduction to the day; Zahid Ghadialy, Senior Director, Strategic Marketing, Parallel Wireless UK & EMEA


What has Massive MIMO ever done for us? Chaired by Julie Bradford, Managing Consultant, Real Wireless

Clearly the desire for more and more capacity in cellular networks has driven the industry to find more and more novel techniques. The work done over the years and boosted by Tom Marzetta’s article titled “Noncooperative Cellular Wireless with Unlimited Numbers of Base Station Antennas” has set high expectations for this emergent technology, so much so the term Magic MIMO has been coined. However, how significant is it into today’s early 5G rollout and what can we expect over the coming years? Are there still further enhancements we should expect to see?


Sync Architectures for 5G NR; Chris Farrow, Technical Manager, Chronos Technology

This talk will look at how the challenges caused by the revolutionary changes in network architectures since the first mobile networks have been overcome to deliver precise time & timing for 5G


Three UK’s RAN transformation: Spectrum, RAN architecture strategy, Why? Dr Erol Hepsaydir, Head of RAN and Devices Strategy and Architecture, Three UK

Three has started to transform its network to deploy 5G efficiently. In this talk access network transformation will be presented.


Active antenna systems in RAN: performance, challenges and evolution; Anvar Tukmanov. Wireless Research Manager, BT

We will look into what Massive MIMO systems are in practice, capacity potential they bring, as well as discuss what challenges and opportunities lie ahead.


Q&A for all speakers


Refreshments and networking


Non-Terrestrial & Hybrid Networks. Chaired by Andrew Palmer, Consulting Director, CGI

There are different initiatives underway to make satellite and other non-terrestrial networks as part of 5G. In addition, many different mobile operators have demonstrated compelling use-cases with drones, balloons and other aerostats. Other innovative approaches like European Aviation Network uses a hybrid-network using terrestrial network supported by a satellite connection as a backhaul for in-flight Wi-Fi. In addition to latency, what other challenges are stopping mass adoption of Non-terrestrial and Hybrid networks? What about advanced features like slicing, etc.?


Opportunities for blending terrestrial and satellite technologies; Dr Jaime Reed, Director Consulting Services, CGI

As satellites become more capable and affordable, they offer the prospect to create new service propositions and capabilities for ubiquitous connectivity. This talk will discuss some of the opportunities and the challenges to be overcome.


Non-terrestrial Networks: Standardization in 5G NR; Dr Yinan Qi, Senior 5G Researcher, Samsung R&D Institute UK

Description of the development and standardization of NTN in 5G NR


Satellites and 5G: A satellite operator’s perspective; Simon Watts, Principal Consultant, Avanti Communications

Avanti’s experience in 3G / 4G and its work in supporting satcom in 5G. An industry vision of satellite integration in to 5G and what may happen.


Q&A for all speakers


Lunch and networking


5G: A Catalyst for Network Transformation. Chaired by Iris Barcia, COO, Keima

5G has set high expectations in the user as well as operator community. While eMBB can be supported with an upgrade of existing 4G infrastructure, URLLC and mMTC may require massive change in the network architecture. Operators have already started the transformation process with backhaul upgrades, new data centers, distributed core and cloud rollouts, etc. How are networks evolving to accommodate these deep changes? What other changes will be required in the network to support the growth until the next new generation arrives?


An Introduction to Open RAN Concept

This talk will explain the concept of Open RAN and will look at some of the organisations and industry bodies looking at standardizing the interfaces and approaches.


Powering the successful deployment of 5G infrastructure; David George, Vice President of EMEA and APAC, Sitetracker

This talk will highlight the most common challenges faced by the telecom industry when deploying 5G critical infrastructure. The volume of projects and assets that are going to be deployed in the coming years is growing faster than ever before. Telecom companies must invest in operations to ensure productivity and project completions in a landscape where the alignment between tools and processes become a real competitive advantage.


The 5G transformation: no sweet without sweat; Antonella Faniuolo, Head of Network Strategy, Planning, Digital & Optimisation, Vodafone

In order to realise the full potential of 5G, a profound transformation is required by the whole ecosystem and in particular by mobile network operators at all levels from architecture to processes, from business models to skills and culture.


Q&A for all speakers


Refreshments and networking


Getting ready for Beyond-5G Era. Chaired by Peter Love, 5G Densification Architect, Nokia

Many technologies like Full duplex, etc. that were originally intended to be part of 5G were not able to make it into the standards. Along with these, what other revolutionary changes are needed to make Beyond-5G technologies not only fulfil the vision, ambition and use-cases that were originally envisaged for 5G but to take it a step further and make it a game changer.


Thinking Beyond 5G: Projects and Initiatives; Alan Carlton, Vice President, InterDigital Europe

In this talk Alan will discuss the growing industry and academic initiatives in the area of Beyond 5G. He will discuss what use cases and drivers are shaping this next step for our industry. Alan will also provide some case studies on the various projects InterDigital is involved in this space.


5G Evolution: Progressive enhancement and new features for new markets; Matthew Baker, Head of Radio Physical Layer and Coexistence Standardization, Nokia

5G not only offers unprecedented performance in its first release, but also provides scope for extensive enhancements in a backward-compatible manner in subsequent releases over the coming years. An overview of the first sets of new features will be given, covering both enhancements of the initial features and the introduction of new capabilities to bring the benefits of 5G to an ever-wider ecosystem including Industrial IoT and non-terrestrial networks.


Why 6G’s design goals need far more than just radio & core innovation; Dean Bubley, Analyst & Futurist, Disruptive Analysis

We are already thinking about 6G, despite 5G being only in its earliest stages of deployment. But we need to think about the world as it will be in 2030, with technology no longer able to exist in silos. 6G should factor in energy & climate-change, AI & a much broader landscape of stakeholders, from the start.


Q&A for all speakers


Closing remarks


Drinks Reception


Event close


Matthew Baker - Head of Radio Physical Layer and Coexistence Standardisation, Nokia

Matthew Baker is Head of Radio Physical Layer and Co-Existence Standardisation at Nokia, and a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff. He was Chairman of 3GPP TSG RAN Working Group 1 from 2009 – 2013, and Vice-Chairman of the same group from 2013 – 2017. He has actively contributed to the standardization of UMTS/HSPA, LTE and 5G in 3GPP. Prior to joining Alcatel-Lucent (now Nokia) in 2009, he worked at Philips for 12 years, where he conducted research into a variety of wireless communication systems and techniques, including propagation modelling, DECT, Hiperlan and UMTS, as well as leading the Philips 3GPP RAN standardization team. He holds degrees in Engineering and Electrical and Information Sciences from the University of Cambridge. He is a Chartered Engineer, a Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and a Visiting Professor at the University of Reading, UK. He is co-editor of “LTE – The UMTS Long Term Evolution: From Theory to Practice” (Wiley, Second Edition 2012), has authored many papers and holds numerous patents in the field of mobile communications.

Iris Barcia - Pr. Mng. MPN Architecture, Vodafone

Iris Barcia is a multidisciplinary professional with entrepreneurial experience in the telecommunication industry. She is an innovator and forward-looking technologist that has worked directly with international executive teams and engineers at Tier 1 network operators, network infrastructure vendors, neutral-host vendors, government organizations, and services companies. She has been involved in the proposal and assessment of novel HetNet strategies for nation-wide 4G, 5G, IoT and public-safety networks, with a focus on future capacity provision and multi-technology evolution. More recently she’s focusing on Open RAN and MPNs. Prior to Vodafone, Iris has been the co-owner and COO of Keima, and has worked on RAN design, optimization and deployment projects at Telefonica and European rural broadband wireless initiatives. She has a BSc and MSc in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Vigo (Spain) and an MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK).

Julie Bradford - Managing Consultant in Wireless Techno-Economics, Real Wireless

Julie has worked in the wireless industry for over 15 years.  At Real Wireless, she is a thought leader in 5G business case analysis including understanding 5G use cases, quantifying (in financial terms) the operational and socio-economic benefits of 5G services and understanding network dimensioning and cost implications under 5G virtualised networks.

She has most recently led Real Wireless’ techno-economic analysis on the EC Horizon 2020 5G-MoNArch project.  Inspired by the project’s smart sea port testbed constructed by HPA, Nokia and DT in the Port of Hamburg, this analysis included quantifying the operational benefits of 5G to port authorities and other port users and the cost implications of delivering these industrial grade wireless services from existing mobile infrastructure via network slicing supported via the virtualised 5G-MoNArch network architecture.

Previously, Julie was Communications Engineer at QinetiQ UK, consultant at PA Consulting UK, and Senior Systems Engineer for Airvana UK. 

Dean Bubley - Director, Mobile Technology & Futurism Analyst / Consultant, Disruptive Analysis

Dean Bubley is the Founder of Disruptive Analysis, an independent technology industry analyst and consulting firm based in London. An outspoken analyst & futurist with over 25 years’ experience, he specialises in mobile / telecoms fields, with an eye on the broader technological and societal contexts into which they fit. He is one of the leading market observers and forecasters covering 5G, network infrastructure & software, IoT, telecom business models, voice/video communications and broadband/spectrum policy. He is known as a contrarian and visionary, often with challenging opinions that go against industry consensus. Speaking at over 30 conferences and other events per year, and quoted by publications such as The Economist, FT & Wall Street Journal, he is an authority and provocateur. He regularly appears in technology industry videos, podcasts and blogs. His clients include many of the world’s leading telecom operators, vendors, regulators and industry associations, conducting advisory projects & internal workshop exercises. He also acts as associate director in charge of Network Futures research for STL Partners. He provides clients with advice and analytical opinion on topics such as emerging trend “myth-busting”, business model validation, technology innovation and go-to-market strategies, "addressable market sizing", planning and due diligence. His present focus is on use-cases and hype/reality for 5G, evolution of Wi-Fi, spectrum policy, smart buildings & cities, eSIM, private & neutral-host cellular networks, the “future of voice and video”, mobile broadband, developer platforms, edge-computing and contextual communications. He also advises on wider trends in the evolution of cross-sector technologies like AI, IoT, automation and technology regulation/policy. A recent focus has been on the likely post-pandemic status of telecom, connectivity and building/campus networks. Mr Bubley was formerly an equity analyst, covering communications stocks, with the UK arm of investment bank Robert W. Baird. Prior to that, he spent eight years at UK research firm Datamonitor, where he co-founded the company's Technology business, managed the Internet & Networking area and custom consulting operations, with roles of Chief Analyst & Director of Consulting. He holds a BA in Physics from Keble College, Oxford University.

Alan Carlton - Vice President, Independent

Alan Carlton is Vice President, InterDigital and Head of InterDigital International Labs Organization spanning Europe and Asia. In these regions Alan is responsible for R&D activities in the areas of 5G and IoT. Alan has led his organization to over a dozen major collaborative project wins. He founded and currently leads the oneTRANSPORT initiative, one of the largest Smart City projects in the UK. In the area of 5G Alan’s research interests include next generation internet and advanced applications of NFV/SDN technologies. Alan has over 25 years wireless industry experience spanning every generation of wireless. Prior to InterDigital, he held senior positions at Nortel, Siemens and several wireless startups both in Europe and United States. Alan is an EEE graduate of the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow and also holds a MSc. in Communications & Signal Processing from Imperial College, London. Alan holds many patents covering a diverse range of wireless technology areas. He is a regular invited speaker at wireless industry events and is also author of a wireless futures blog for Computerworld.

Antonella Faniuolo - Head of Network Strategic Planning, Vodafone

Antonella Faniuolo joined Vodafone UK in 2019 as Head of Network Strategy and Digital Transformation and since August 2021 she is leading the Network Planning, Demand, Delivery and Transformation for Europe.

Before Vodafone, Antonella was working for Ofcom, the UK telecom regulator, where she led several projects including 5G, Internet of Things, data strategy and reporting on the status of fixed and mobile infrastructures in the UK. Prior to that, she held several strategic, technical, and commercial roles for major network infrastructure vendors, including Alcatel-Lucent (now Nokia), where she was responsible for wireless market analysis and business strategy with a focus on deployment strategies for new technologies.

Antonella is the author of several patents in the field of wireless cellular technologies. She has a Laurea degree in Telecommunications Engineering (2002) from the University of Bologna, a master’s degree in Radiocommunications Engineering (2003) from Alma Graduate School in Bologna, and an MBA (2011) from Oxford Brookes University.

Christian Farrow - Technical Services Manager, Chronos Technology

Chris has been ‘in sync’ since the mid-1990s when he was involved in significant upgrades with the UK’s major telecom operators as they rolled out SDH and their first dedicated Sync Networks.  At Chronos Chris is responsible for professional services focused on the sync product area including delivery of the Synchronisation MasterClass, Sync Audits, network planning consultancy and acts as a system architect for product development.  Chris has extensive practical knowledge of precise time & timing generation and distribution systems from atomic clocks to GNSS and networked distribution technologies. Chris is an active member of standards groups focused on sync & timing including the  ITU (SG15/Q13). Chris joined Chronos from Marconi’s UK Technical Assistance Centre where he was a sync product specialist and emergency support engineer for the entire product portfolio – from PSTN to optical & packet.

David George - Vice President of EMEA and APAC, Sitetracker

David George is the Vice President of EMEA and APAC for Sitetracker, leading the charge toward operational excellence for critical infrastructure companies. David holds a bachelors degree from Stevens Institute of Technology and an MBA from Santa Clara University. Before joining Sitetracker, David George served as the General Manager of Real Estate and Workplace Solution at California-based, Trimble. Prior to that, George led  APAC Mobile Solutions division. He also spent several years at Ericsson where he was responsible for key commercial relationships for global accounts such as Vodafone and France Telecom.

Zahid Ghadialy - Senior Director, Technology & Innovation Strategy, Parallel Wireless UK & EMEA

Zahid Ghadialy is a Senior Director with a fast-moving and innovative US-based young company called Parallel Wireless (PW) that is on a mission to make deployment of any cellular infrastructure as easy and as cost-effective as Wi-Fi. With an extensive experience of over 20 years in the telecom industry as an engineer, programmer, analyst, researcher, architect, trainer, product manager and technical marketer, he is a technologist with a deep understanding of architecting world-class mobile products and solutions. Zahid is currently 'Future Devices & Technologies' SIG champion. He has also previously been a 'Small Cell SIG' and 'Smart & Intelligent Cities SIG' champion. He is also a Non-Executive Director of eXplanoTech. In his spare time he blogs at 3G4G and you can also catch him on Twitter at @zahidtg.

Erol Hepsaydir - Head of RAN and Devices Strategy and Architecture, Three UK

Dr. Erol Hepsaydir received BSc and MSc degrees in electrical and electronics engineering from Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, in 1985 and 1987 respectively. He completed his PhD at University of Technology, Sydney in 2001. Currently, he is the Head of RAN and Devices Strategy at Three in the UK. His primary responsibilities are next generation telecommunication and wireless systems including 5G with particular interest on PHY/MAC layer and network architecture. He was appointed as Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor at the University of Kent in United Kingdom where he lectures Digital Communications, Information Theory and Mobile Communications. He is currently focusing on mmWave 5G technology trial and deployment scenarios.

Peter Love - 4G/5G Densification Architect, Nokia

Peter has worked in the mobile communications industry for nearly 30 years, firstly at Orbitel UK and then at Nokia Networks. Peter helped developed the first 2G DCS1800 BTSs to Orange and then continued in building a viable business for network planning & optimisation services in the UK. Holding various roles over the years focusing on UK, Europe and global markets Peter is now a principle services architect in the 5G/densification area helping operators globally to make the most appropriate decisions. Until recently he held the office of chair/vice chair of the Small Cells Forum Operations group where he played a significant role for 5 years.

Guy Matthews

Guy has over two decades in roles focused on data as an organisational asset and its exploitation. Guy’s background is one of leading UK and global data and analytics programmes working for a wide variety of organisations across a number of vertical markets such as John Lewis, GE Capital, Orange, LexisNexis, BOC and the NHS. At CGI as Director of Emerging Technology, Guy is helping lead developments in 5G, connected communities/smart cities and immersive technology. One of Guy’s current areas of focus at CGI is the development and modelling of clusters of 5G use cases and how these can underpin economically sustainable 5G implementation programmes at city scale. Guy frequently speaks at industry events, covering 5G, smart cities, immersive technology and advanced analytics/AI in recent months and provides media commentary on industry topics ranging from 5G at a general level through to specific areas such as 5G enabled smart roads.

Emiliano Mezzarobba - Senior RF Systems Consultant, Cambridge Consultants

Emiliano Mezzarobba is a Senior Consultant in the System RF Group.

He graduated in 2002 at Trieste University (Italy) and then worked for Fracarro Radioindustrie and BPT where he was leading innovative developments with Radio over fibre technology for CATV and FTTx products. Some of the products developed in those years are still sold in high volume by both companies.

He moved to the UK in 2007, where he had the opportunity to join Zinwave, a spin-off company of Cambridge University, becoming the Hardware Team Leader to develop the next generation product of their unique (patented) broadband fibre optic DAS system.

In 2011 he started his career as consultant, working as system RF engineer leading projects and becoming experienced in satellite communications, SDR radio and antenna design (granting several patents on products he worked on)

Since joining Cambridge Consultants, he has worked on a wide range of projects. Examples include: system RF for SDR radio designs, first NB-IoT dual band module, massive MIMO antennas and digital beam-forming, mmW automotive radars, digital pre-distortion, custom antenna design for wearables and phased arrays.

Andrew Palmer - Consulting Director, CGI

Andrew has more than 33 years of experience in IT, Telecoms and TV and Media, having worked in various roles for IBM, AT&T, Ericsson, Motorola and Arris. Andrew's present role is to leverage existing CGI capabilities that match the needs of our clients in the Space, Defence and Intelligence sectors, as well as building new capabilities that will support the emerging and changing needs of our client base. Andrew has proven experience in developing and delivering complex SI and Services solutions that meet both business and technology needs.

Andrew has co-authored "UK Telecoms For Dummies", an essential guide to the complicated UK Telecoms sector as well as articles for publications such as the Cambridge Wireless Journal including "How do we build the new world of 5g?". He frequently speaks at conferences and provides media commentary on industry topics like 5G, IoT and Smart Cities, as well as being a member of the techUK Spectrum Policy Forum and the Cambridge Wireless Virtual Networks Special Interest Group.

Yinan Qi - Senior 5G Researcher, Samsung Electronics R&D Institute UK

Dr. Yinan Qi received Ph.D degree in Electronic Engineering from University of Surrey. He is currently a senior 5G researcher in Samsung R&D Institute UK. His main research interests include massive MIMO, cooperative communication systems, green communications and non-terrestrial networks.

Jaime Reed - Vice President, Space Data Platforms and Applications, CGI

Jaime loves working with clients to invent the Space services of the future. He leads Space Data Platforms and Applications team in the UK for CGI, the largest IT and business consulting company in the space sector. Using SatCom and Remote Sensing technologies his team work on topics like smart cities, connected transport, AI, 5G, geospatial applications and HAPS. Jaime has spent 20 years in the space industry as a systems engineer and project manager working on some of the most complex ground, satellite and software systems for clients like the European Space Agency and NASA. Jaime has a Doctorate in Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics and is a Chartered Engineer.

Anvar Tukmanov - Wireless Research Manager, BT

Anvar has been with BT Labs at Adastral Park since 2013 where he is involved in air interface R&D focussing on systems aspects of LTE and NR covering both deployment and evolution timeframes. Until 2016 he contributed to LTE femtocell activities, and is currently leading active antenna systems research. Anvar represents BT at 3GPP RAN1 working group, where he has contributed to standardisation of 5G. Anvar holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Newcastle University and is a Senior Member of IEEE.

Simon Watts - Principal Consultant, Avanti Communications

Simon joined BT after graduation where he worked in a number of satcom engineering roles. He then moved Hughes where he became Chief Engineer Europe and was responsible for the design of its satcom and hybrid services and products. For the last 7 years Simon has worked at Avanti as a Principal Consultant working on EC, ESA and other projects; looking at new technologies, new operational methodologies and the integration of satcom in to 5G.

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Department of Computer Science and Technology, The Computer Laboratory, The University of Cambridge, William Gates Building, 15 JJ Thomson Ave, Cambridge, CB3 0FD

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