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Network slicing – vision or reality? (Delivering private services from public networks)

Brought to you by The Virtual Networks Group

In this event, we will provide a reality check on network slicing and the vision of delivering private services from public network infrastructure.

About the event

Our previous Virtual Networks SIG event examined the rise of private networks with the focus very much on bespoke, local, private deployments of infrastructure to deliver bespoke services to closed user groups. This approach is fine over limited geographies but how do we deliver private network like experience over regional or national coverage areas?

The original vision of 5G was a network capable of breaking away from the one size fits all consumer focused services of previous generations to deliver the infamous triangle of services. 5G was always meant to be flexible enough to deliver a range of service experiences to meet the requirements of disparate user groups; from high bandwidth and low latency immersive applications, to low bandwidth IoT and sensors, to safety critical control signalling for autonomous vehicles and every blend across these. To deliver this a new Service Based Architecture (SBA) was envisaged in 3GPP built on the pillars of network virtualisation and Software Defined Networking (SDN). This SBA can ideally orchestrate resources on demand and as needed to deliver customised service chains to meet the requirements of individual user groups; this is the concept of network slicing.

Ideally, network slicing provides the opportunity to deliver private network like experience from existing public network infrastructure. Benefits of this include potential for:

  • New higher value revenue streams for mobile network operators from non-consumer user groups with bespoke service requirements
  • Infrastructure cost savings by:
    • Reusing existing public network infrastructure as a baseline to build upon and add incremental infrastructure to
    • Benefitting from “elasticity” and new infrastructure as a service models in virtualised networks when dimensioning for peak demands

Whilst network slicing is promising in theory it has been slow to gain momentum in practice. Key challenges include:

  • End to end orchestration of network resources
  • How to dimension infrastructure for slices and guaranteed service levels
  • The business case for slicing – there is some hesitancy to invest in new infrastructure until willingness to pay amongst these new user groups is clear
  • The business practices of slicing – changing ways of working in mobile network operators to take full advantage of more agile, IT based infrastructure whilst still delivering guaranteed service levels. Also mechanisms for charging for a slice are yet to be established.

In this event, we will provide a reality check on network slicing and the vision of delivering private services from public network infrastructure. Our speakers will give a status update on slicing, key remaining challenges and the roadmap to deployment.

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SIG Champions

Julie Bradford - Managing Consultant in Wireless Techno-Economics, Real Wireless

Julie has worked in the wireless industry for over 15 years.  At Real Wireless, she is a thought leader in 5G business case analysis including understanding 5G use cases, quantifying (in financial terms) the operational and socio-economic benefits of 5G services and understanding network dimensioning and cost implications under 5G virtualised networks.

She has most recently led Real Wireless’ techno-economic analysis on the EC Horizon 2020 5G-MoNArch project.  Inspired by the project’s smart sea port testbed constructed by HPA, Nokia and DT in the Port of Hamburg, this analysis included quantifying the operational benefits of 5G to port authorities and other port users and the cost implications of delivering these industrial grade wireless services from existing mobile infrastructure via network slicing supported via the virtualised 5G-MoNArch network architecture.

Previously, Julie was Communications Engineer at QinetiQ UK, consultant at PA Consulting UK, and Senior Systems Engineer for Airvana UK. 

Mark England - Associate Director, Cambridge Consultants

Mark England has spent three decades architecting, designing, and implementing a wide variety of wired and wireless communications products, services, systems and protocols; from short range point to point systems to those which operate on a global scale. Mark joined Cambridge Consultants in 2000, and for the past 20+ years he has been providing leading edge design, development and consultancy services to wide range of clients. 

Andrew Palmer - Consulting Director, CGI

Andrew has more than 33 years of experience in IT, Telecoms and TV and Media, having worked in various roles for IBM, AT&T, Ericsson, Motorola and Arris. Andrew's present role is to leverage existing CGI capabilities that match the needs of our clients in the Space, Defence and Intelligence sectors, as well as building new capabilities that will support the emerging and changing needs of our client base. Andrew has proven experience in developing and delivering complex SI and Services solutions that meet both business and technology needs.

Andrew has co-authored "UK Telecoms For Dummies", an essential guide to the complicated UK Telecoms sector as well as articles for publications such as the Cambridge Wireless Journal including "How do we build the new world of 5g?". He frequently speaks at conferences and provides media commentary on industry topics like 5G, IoT and Smart Cities, as well as being a member of the techUK Spectrum Policy Forum and the Cambridge Wireless Virtual Networks Special Interest Group.

Justin Paul - Senior Marketing Manager, Ericsson

Justin has over twenty years’ experience in technology marketing in the telecoms and software industries. Prior to joining Ericsson Digital Services he worked for Zeetta Networks, Huawei Technologies in NFV/SDN Marketing and Amdocs where he led the launch of their NFV Portfolio which now forms a major part of the ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform). During his career he has been responsible for the launch and go-to-market for a number of leading-edge technologies including 3G, IPTV, LTE, NFV and 5G. A TED-trained conference speaker he has presented at a number of major international conferences including Layer 123 SDN and Openflow Congress, LTE Asia and SCTE. A CIM qualified marketeer he runs a Bristol-based Digital Marketing knowledge-sharing group.

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