Smart Devices of 2025

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As electronic devices get smarter, they are helping us perform daily tasks more easily and saving us time and effort.

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About the event

The smartphone has led this trend today and is truly a marvel of technology; these devices have connected us and allowed us to connect with each other and beyond like never before. They are not just a communication device, but a myriad of gadgets in each of our hands. On the other hand, advancements in electronics, sensors, communications technologies and software have enabled traditional devices such as watches, health monitors, fitness trackers, home appliances, hair stylers etc. with communication and decision-making capabilities which has spawned new form factors and given impetus to new verticals like smart homes, intelligent and smart cities, connected cars etc.

However, these devices are still far from perfect. Improvements in every aspect, complemented by greater advancements in technology, have the potential to create further revolutionary devices that will continue to significantly change our behaviour and way of thinking.

This inaugural event of the revamped ‘Future Devices and Technologies’ Group will explore radical ideas for the devices of the future and their impact on our lives.

Our SIG Champions would like to hear if you have a crazy idea or if you're developing an innovative, future-looking device that you would like to talk about at the event. Please email

Directions from Cambridge Station:

As soon as you exit the main station entrance, follow the road straight ahead to Caffè Nero. Once you reach Caffè Nero, stay on the same path, but follow the road to your left. As you turn the corner, the office complex is just on your right hand side.

Click here for a link to the Google maps page.

Limited FREE places for non-members:
We are keen to engage with, and foster the next generation of technologists and engineers - we have limited FREE places for non-members who are under 35. If you would like to register for one of these tickets, then please email - to receive your discount code.

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The information supplied below may be subject to change before the event.


Registration, networking and refreshments


CW welcome: Abhi Naha, CCO, Cambridge Wireless (CW)


Introduction to Future Devices & Technologies SIG, Zahid Ghadialy, SIG Champion


Welcome from event host: Laurent Brisedoux, Senior Manager, Amazon


Scenarios for smart devices in 2025: Brave New Smartphone and/or Black Mirror?: David Wood, Principal, Delta Wisdom

In this talk anticipating future scenarios for smart devices, futurist and smartphone industry pioneer David Wood suggests answers to a number of key questions. What are the key trends we should be watching, to see if they'll ever emerge from a slow disappointing phase into a fast and furious phase? How might these trends combine to shake up present-day usage patterns? Will the successors of the smartphone accelerate a Brave New World, and/or make Black Mirror a reality? And what can we learn from past predictions of future smartphone scenarios?


Q & A


Tom Bennett, Director Technology Services and Devices Development, EE & BT


Q & A


Lunch and networking

All refreshments kindly provided by Amazon


Why a smart future sounds good to me: Julian Harris, Senior Business Development Manager, Audio Analytic

In just 20 minutes Julian will look past the next six years development in technology to picture how our senses will be enhanced by deep integration of AI in consumer electronics. With today’s computer vision on the cusp, and sound limited to music, voice and noise he’ll explain why true sound recognition is set to grow and the opportunities it will bring, exploring use cases for disruptive products and innovative services based on the everyday sounds around us.


Q & A


Visionary devices of the future – short presentations and open discussions on innovative products & technologies

- Zahid Ghadialy, 3G4G: Telepresence Robots

- Robert Curtis, Principle Designer, Dovetailed: From Pixel to Plate: the future of 3D printed food

- Dr Jenny Tillotson, Founder, eScent: Back to the Future with Context-Driven Fragrances


Refreshments and networking


Shape memory Alloys (SMA), the future of haptics: Andrea Cantone, Head of New Products, Cambridge Mechatronics

Cambridge Mechatronics will present how shape memory alloy (SMA) technology can deliver a haptic engine that can be located within a button, so that the tactile feedback is felt only on the control and not in the rest of the phone creating a new future for the consumer electronics market and beyond.


Q & A


Challenges for Packaging of Future Device Technologies: Steve Riches and Kevin Cannon, Directors, Tribus-D

Future device technologies will place additional demands on electronic assembly methods and selection of materials in order to achieve increasing levels of integration and miniaturisation at an affordable cost. This presentation will summarise the factors relating to the assembly challenges of future device technologies and showcase some of the directions that current research and development projects are addressing.


Q & A


Wrap-up session


End of session


Tom Bennett - Director Technology Services and Devices Development, EE

Tom has had the good fortune to have worked in mobile telecoms for 22 years. Telecoms is fundamentally a force for good (communicating is rarely a bad thing) and a wonderful industry to work in, where the only constant is change. Tom is accountable for the development of all real-time technology services on the EE network, for the solution architecture, technology test, EE Labs and the Device and Sim technology teams. Currently Tom’s primary focuses are the delivery of new IMS consumer and enterprise services, the roadmap from 4G professional services to 5G, and on the successful delivery of the Emergency Services Network in the UK, setting the benchmark for standardised public safety over LTE.

Kevin Cannon - Director, Tribus-D

Over 30 years of experience in the electronic packaging Industry, supporting developments in Aerospace, Space, Medical and Smart Devices for the 'Internet of Things' sectors. He has skills including assembly manufacturing, equipment selection and validation, lean process engineering, product development and process innovation.

Andrea Cantone - Head of New Products, Cambridge Mechatronics

Andrea is responsible for Business Development at Cambridge Mechatronics (CML), where his focus is the commercialisation of CML's SMA platform technology in the haptics market. Andrea has extensive experience in commercialising cutting edge technologies and innovation. Before joining Cambridge Mechatronics, he worked at Audio Analytic, the world leader in sound recognition, where he was responsible for the company entry into and growth in the IoT space. Prior to that Andrea worked at Cambridge Enterprise - the technology transfer office for the University of Cambridge. Andrea has a PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge where he still mentors postgraduates with an interest in entrepreneurship and technology commercialisation.

Robert Curtis

Robert Curtis is Principal Designer at Dovetailed, responsible for leading the design of nūfood: the world’s first liquid food 3D printer ( He has a wealth of knowledge from a decade of working closely with clients in the mobile, FMCG, medical drug delivery and small domestic appliance sectors from formative user research studies through to pre-production. His award-winning work has been recognised by the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and Smart Kitchen Summit; is a named inventor on numerous patents and has had the privilege of speaking at national and international conferences including Mobile World Congress.

Julian Harris - Senior Business Development Manager, Audio Analytic

Despite his youthful looks Julian has 18 years’ of commercial experience in the a wireless technology & consumer electronics industries. As a co-founder of Trigenix in 2000 (sold to Qualcomm for $36M cash) he has managed international partnership programmes, developed detailed strategic plans & managed operational delivery to establish solid foundations on which to deliver growth through innovative, disruptive new business models. Over those 18 years he has covered such diverse and, at the time, progressive technologies as WAP (remember that?) to Fast Computer Vision, Augmented Reality & Advanced Audio solutions. Father of a 10 year-old son, owner of a short, but surprisingly long French Basset and a ridiculously tall Lurcher they can often be seen together wandering the streets of Cambridge catching Pokemon.

Stephen Riches - Director, Tribus-D

Over 30 years of experience in electronics assembly innovation, including copper wire bonding, laser processes, high temperature electronics, MEMS assembly, ruggedised displays and LED lighting. He is a committee member of the UK Chapter of the International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society (IMAPS-UK).

Jenny Tillotson - Founder, eScent

Dr Jenny Tillotson is one of the early visionaries in the wearable sensory technology domain working at the intersection of personalised fragrance, smell communication and experiential fashion. She spent over 15 years at Central Saint Martin researching 'Sensory Fashion' and is the driving force behind eScent®, a transformative technology for emotion-based scent dispersal. She holds a PhD in Printed Textiles from the Royal College of Art and a degree in Fashion Communication from Central Saint Martins. Tillotson is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, an Associate of the British Society of Perfumery, a Winston Churchill Fellow and a Visiting Scholar in Dept of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge. She is a named inventor on awarded wearable scent technology and smart fabric patents and has worked with Google, International Flavours & Fragrances, Philips, The North Face, Cambridge Consultants and Adeline Andre Couture. eScent® was recently acknowledged as an "Up & Coming" Innovation by the TransTech Community and won 'Best Innovation Award' at the Wearable Technology in 2016.

David Wood - Principal, Delta Wisdom, Chair, London Futurists

David Wood was a pioneer of the smartphone industry and is now a full-time futurist writer, consultant, and publisher. In 1998 he co-founded Symbian, the creator of the world’s first successful smartphone operating system. Software written by his teams was included in half a billion smartphones over the following years, from companies such as Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Panasonic, Fujitsu, and Sony Ericsson. He previously spent ten years at UK-based mobile computing innovator Psion PLC, and subsequently three years as CTO of Accenture Mobility, where he co-led the company’s Mobility Health business initiative. He is the author or lead editor of eleven books, including The Singularity Principles, Vital Foresight, Smartphones and Beyond, The Abolition of Aging, and Sustainable Superabundance. As Chair of London Futurists, he has hosted 300 public events on futurist and technoprogressive topics since 2008. As Principal of Delta Wisdom, he works with organisations around the world to inject urgency into discussions of future scenarios and to anticipate forthcoming exponential disruptions. He is a fellow of the IEET and a fellow of the RSA. He has a triple first class mathematics degree from Cambridge and undertook doctoral research in the Philosophy of Science regarding the implications of quantum physics. He has an honorary Doctorate in Science from Westminster University, awarded in recognition of his services to the smartphone industry.  

SIG Champions

Nadia Aziz - Innovation Consultant, Unbounded Future Ltd

Nadia is an Evangelist of emerging technologies with an expertise in AR & VR and IoT technologies. She has advised C-level executives in Telecom and Media organisations for digital transformation and M&A projects over more than a decade. While being a SIG Champion of Future Devices and Technologies at Cambridge Wireless, she has recently co-founded Unbounded Future, a Deeptech consulting firm based in London. Previously Nadia led Emerging Technologies at NTT Data UK where she supervised R&D and innovation in Augmented (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR), AI, and IoT. Nadia is a supporter of Women in STEM initiatives and is a mentor at the University College London (UCL) IXN programme. She is an industry advisor to IoTerra, a USA-based B2B marketplace for IoT products and was a co-producer for the GIANT Health Event.

Muhammad Chughtai - Senior Research Specialist (Electronics & Electrical Engineering), Beko

I am a seasoned senior technology and engineering consultant with over a decade of multinational experience in AI & Robotics, MedTech, and thermodynamics. My career seamlessly blends corporate discipline with start-up agility, informed by a deep understanding of system dynamics and a holistic perspective. My expertise centres on empowering companies to gain a competitive edge through innovation, successful solution commercialization & partnerships, and strategic business development, all while upholding industry standards. In addition to my engineering expertise, I hold a PhD in the field, complemented by an MBAE. This dual qualification positions me uniquely at the intersection of advanced engineering and educational dynamics.

Zahid Ghadialy - Principal Analyst & Consultant, 3G4G

Zahid is a technologist with a deep understanding of architecting world-class mobile products and solutions. With over 20 years of experience in the telecom industry in various roles, he has been an evangelist for mobile and wireless technologies. Over the years he has accumulated a vast following on his blogs and social networks with simple explainer posts and videos.

His 3G4G blogs are widely read where he looks at different aspects of mobile technology and especially 5G and 6G nowadays, including the architecture, deployments, use cases, applications, etc. His YouTube channel is also very popular where he explains many new features expected as part of 5G in the future. While his style and content is unique, he also references many industry publications and provides slides that are very useful to view online.

He is also very active on Twitter under his @3G4GUK brand helping disseminate the benefits of 5G and why 5G will be needed in the long run. He covers a very wide portfolio of 5G related information that is hard to find otherwise.

Until recently, Zahid was a Senior Director looking at Technology & Innovation Strategy in Parallel Wireless. As a brand ambassador, he represented the company in various Open RAN discussions and also created tutorials on Open RAN and O-RAN which are being used as reference for new starters on the topic.

David Roberts - CTO - Special Projects, Cambridge Wireless, Founder, Jabooh Software

David is a technology leader with over 25 years experience working in the hi-tech arena. He has recently completed a successful project for ghd in conjunction with CW where he carried out the role of System Architect and facilitator.  Prior to this he worked in in the C-IoT space where he ran a multi-national R&D department that developed silicon and software designed for the burgeoning IoT market. He was also responsible for driving an agile transformation programme and assisting the organisation with their integration into a large Chinese multi-national telecoms company. Having started his career as a software developer working for BT and Acorn Computers, he went on to hold senior roles in a number of world-class organisations such as Symbian, Cambridge University and Citrix in the areas of Software Development, Project Management, Product Management, Research, Consultancy and Architecture. His background includes leading and developing teams involved in the creation of large-scale integrated hardware and software products, web-based services and CE devices. He is also highly experienced in large-scale agile development practices, agile coaching/transformation and creating and executing strategies for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of organisations.

Charles Sturman - CEO, TechWorks

As CEO at TechWorks, Charles is driving collaboration between Deep Tech and Semiconductor companies, Academia and Government in order to promote the sector and grow business opportunities for UK companies.

Previously, Charles was responsible for International Business & Marketing at HiSilicon (Huawei’s chipset business) based in Cambridge UK, with responsibility for product strategy, go-to-market and business development in IoT, edge and smart devices fields. Prior to this he led u-blox’ activities in the fast moving consumer IoT segment (wearables, smart-home and entertainment) following the acquisition of the ARM Software Radio spin-out Cognovo, where we was founder and executive VP Sales & Marketing. Charles has held various positions in system design, business development and product marketing within Acorn Computers, TTPCom, Motorola and ARM.

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Amazon, 1 Station Square, Cambridge CB1 2GA

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