Value-based pricing: A strategic tool for profitability, growth and positioning

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A seminar and workshop offering a full range of methods for anyone launching a new product or service and seeking to maximise profit while positioning for future growth.

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About the event

Too often companies fail to realise the full potential revenue of an offer and so make much lower profits than they could. The commonest cause is an inability to price its real value to the customer.

Value-based pricing requires in-depth analysis of your customers’ fundamental concerns and contextual needs. It demands that you develop a real understanding of, and constantly re-evaluate, the financial and emotional impact your offer makes.

Value Based Pricing

This three-hour seminar will give you the tools to:

  • Analyse what drives value for a customer
  • Understand comparative value profiles
  • Quantify the financial benefits of your offer
  • Identify emotional drivers and the analysis methods used to determine willingness to pay
  • Segment your potential markets by value
  • Create a quantified value proposition to support sales
  • Develop a pricing policy and a strategy for growth
  • Map your strategy for evolving customer value and the market positioning you intend to occupy.

We will intersperse periods of explanation and discussion with examples and workshops for you to apply the methods to your own business. While this session will focus primarily on early stage B2B business, more mature organisations launching innovative products can benefit too. For B2C business we review ways to identify the emotional and psychological factors that drive most consumer sales and determine pricing.

It is preferable for at least two members of an organisation to attend where possible so that they can work together on applying the tools. Ideally they should be from the team responsible for commercialising the offer and/or for its P and L.

On completion attendees, will:

  • Know how to develop a pricing strategy
  • Understand the link between strategic pricing and growth
  • Define the market space they wish to occupy and be equipped to position the company accordingly


Session leader: David Stoughton

My present position as a director, consultant and trainer in value creation, business development and adapting to disruptive change stems naturally from my personal history. As both entrepreneur and consultant I have consistently been involved in the evolution of technologies that radically change customer behaviour, often resulting in disruptive change for business. From my first engagement as programme director of an early cable channels in the UK, through the birth of Interactive Media, the development of the Web, the rise of mobile telephony, the origins of software as a service and the recent growth in new materials and bioengineering, I have been propelled into each new phase. Along the way I have observed patterns of development that seem to repeat and that offer a guide to probable future scenarios. A consistent theme of my work is Value Management. Early on I learned reliable methods for analysing and optimising the value added by each new development, especially value as perceived by customers and the price they are therefore willing to pay. The winners under disruptive change are always those who add most perceived value for their customers whilst capturing a fair share for themselves. Market share and industry power follow directly. My focus on value is augmented by a Systems Thinking approach that seek to understand the dynamics of the whole organisation both internally and in relation to its larger market.

Venue Host: The Bradfield Centre

The Bradfield Centre is the premier Tech Hub serving the Cambridge technology cluster and the wider East of England region.

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The Bradfield Centre, 184 Cambridge Science Park Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 0GA

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