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3Cell Innovative Solutions

3Cell was established in 2009 and have provided multinational telecom projects for network planning/design/optimisation of 2G/3G/4G/5G for operators and vendors.

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3Cell provides professional services for the telecommunication industry including network planning/optimization/testing/surveying. With multi-vendor experience, 3Cell giving exclusive support to the clients. Due to expanding of 5G site installation as well as LTE modernization in recent times, 3Cell working closely with vendors regarding how to get more benefits from the network for the end-user and how to measure end user's experience in a better way to replace the traditional method of drive testing and traffic evaluation. Therefore 3Cell had few demonstrations to show how to combine modern and cost-effective services given by QoS testing by car and a drone. All measurements complete without data processing which is real-time and this is an important benefit for the clients where the end report can be delivered much quicker and the result is more reliable. 3Cell also provides 3D survey and inspection for telco equipment. Autonomous drones complete the survey without human intervention and provide a custom survey report with a 3D model from the dedicated cloud service. 3Cell having global partnerships for a few years and one of the most important partnerships is for ICNIRP compliance test especially for 5G sites whereby measuring real-time antenna capability and antenna performance in order to check whether it is within the limit of given ICNIRP targets.

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Location info - 3Cell Innovative Solutions

278 Langham Road
Greater London
N15 3NP
United Kingdom

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