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Thomas Carmody of CODICO, a family business dedicated to design-in, marketing and sales of top quality electronic components, introduces CODICO to the CW community after recently joining as a member.

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How long has your company been in operation, and what was the inspiration for its founding?

CODICO was founded in 1977. The founders were passionate about electronics and their objective was to find and bring best in class technologies to the customers mainly in Austria and throughout Eastern Europe at that time. Since then CODICO has grown significantly and now we have 43 offices in 12 countries customers throughout Europe. CODICO is still owned by original founding family, with Sven and Karin, the second generation of the founding family now leading it.

What is special about your company’s products / services?

CODICO is a family business and so we are unlike other distribution companies that typically offer a broad portfolio of suppliers and technologies along with limited technical support. We are focused on a smaller number of market leading, non-competing suppliers and technologies where we gain in-depth experience and expertise in order to provide the highest level of technical support to our customers during the selection and design in process. Unlike others in the market we also invest in developing our own IP which complements our suppliers’ technologies. One good example is CODICO’s development of a line of powerline modules for the EV infrastructure and mobility markets. In regards to the close partnerships we have developed with technology leaders is our relationship with Qualcomm which stretches back over 20 years, CODICO is now Qualcomm’s largest distributor in Europe offering their entire portfolio of market leading audio, connectivity, SoC and cellular technologies.

Where does your company see its industry heading in the next ten years?

CODICO has over 1000 active customers in the Industrial and IOT segments spread across Europe, additionally in recent years our automotive business has seen tremendous growth, we are proud to have relationships with the major Tier1’s and OEM in the automotive space. In those market segments we see a very strong adoption of new technologies to enable automation, AI and robotics use cases. In factories and warehouses robots and automation systems are delivering cost savings through improved productivity and efficiency while in the automotive market electric and advanced driver assistance systems are enabling a greener and safer driving experience. To enable these innovative use cases requires more capable semiconductors devices running AI enable software systems.

Where does your company see itself heading in the next ten years?

Our past focus was identifying best in class components to support our customers designs, as our customers needs to design ever more complex systems quickly our offering will increasingly become more platform or systems oriented for example Robotic compute platforms or Camera based automation platforms.

What is your company currently working on?

Our business in split into three areas, the Active group manages our relationship with semiconductor partners like Qualcomm, Thundercomm, Knowles, Aconeer, MPS. Our Passive and Interconnect groups offers essential components such as capacitors, inductors, sensors, antennas and RF components as well as connectors to support each customer’s electronic design. I myself sit in the Active group and we are at the moment promoting Qualcomm’s exciting range of System on Chip products which incorporate compute, AI, high resolution camera and display capabilities in a single device. We are currently engaged in projects in the automotive, industrial and retail market segment to design in these high performance SoC’s

Which among your recent announcements is your company most proud of?

One notable area where we are enjoying significant traction with our customers in the market is related our promotion of Qualcomm SoC’s and Thundercomm SOM based on those SoC to enable automation and robotics applications quickly. 

Another area is the market leading position we have developed in recent years in the EV charging market leveraging Qualcomm’s powerline technologies. At embedded World recently, we showcased the CODICO PLC module line up.

How would you describe your company culture?

As it is a family owned business, the family-oriented ethos is very strong at CODICO. On a quarterly basis the CODICO team from across Europe descends on the company HQ and campus in Vienna for technical training and supplier sessions. There we all get a chance to experience and understand the unique family culture CODICO has developed. Our recent corporate film I think highlights our culture nicely.

Who is your CEO and what is their background?

Sven and Karin Krumpel are co-CEOs of the business.

What is your company looking for from the CW community? What engagement opportunities can it offer?

Our ambition is to build on our existing customer base here in the UK and extend our network of customers in the high-tech Cluster in Cambridge and beyond. Since we are offering market leading Robotics, AI and Camera based SoC and cellular technologies from Qualcomm and others we believe we are in a good position to support the many product developers and innovators that are part of the CW community. CW is a long standing and well recognised member of the technology community in the UK and elsewhere and it is a great place for CODICO to identify and cultivate technology partners and customers of the future.

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