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Unveiling 360Work’s Hire Smart: The Future of Tech Recruitment is Here

Blog published by 360Work, under Artificial Intelligence / Machine learning, Recruitment, Software as a Service (SaaS)

360Work introduces "Hire Smart," a cutting-edge AI-driven SaaS platform tailored for Talent Acquisition in the Deep Tech and Software domains. Think of it as a "Digital Headhunter" for tech enterprises. It adapts to your business needs, offering precise talent recommendations from a global pool, all without the high costs of traditional specialised services. Dive into the details below.

Unveiling 360Work’s Hire Smart: The Future of Tech Recruitment is Here!

Our Story: A Quest for Excellence

In the swirling universe of technology, a small yet agile team of techies came together in 2017 with a singular vision: How to find a solution to the critical problem of identifying exceptional and relevant tech talent, which was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Traditional recruitment methods are fraught with limitations in speed, cost, and precision. These challenges often result in significant delays in critical hirings, which can adversely impact the business. Recognizing these shortcomings ignited a transformative journey that led to Hire Smart, a radical departure from the norm.

At 360Work, we didn't simply aim to add another Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or job board to the saturated market.  We aspired to revolutionise talent acquisition with a laser focus on adding intelligence in the talent acquisition process within the Technology industry, particularly in the Deep Tech and Software sectors.

After years of relentless dedication, we are thrilled to introduce Hire Smart — the next-generation AI-powered Talent Platform, meticulously engineered for the tech world.  

Think of it as your personalised “Digital Headhunter” that automatically learns about your business and makes targeted and precise talent recommendations from a wide outreach but without the hefty fees usually associated with such specialised service. We're leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of AI to bring you unparalleled precision and scalability. 

With Hire Smart, you gain access to a unique blend of accuracy and cost-efficiency to meet your talent needs. We take immense pride in our capability to match tech enterprises with a rich, diverse pool of talent. Whether you're in search of permanent, contract, onsite, remote, or hybrid roles, consider your needs met.

What Sets Hire Smart Apart?

1.   Designed by Techies, For the Tech Industry

Rather than just offering another tool, we embarked on a six-year mission to deeply understand the unique complexities and needs of the tech industry. Through developing over a million skill-mapping combinations, we've gained an unparalleled grasp of the Deep Tech and Software sectors. This has empowered us to create Hire Smart, the ultimate talent sourcing powerhouse that transcends traditional sourcing methods.

2.   Smart “Digital Headhunting”, Supercharged by AI

Say goodbye to generic talent sourcing tools. Our intelligent algorithms take a deep dive to learn the DNA of your business, ensuring each match is custom-fitted to your unique and specific hiring needs.

It's like having a personal and intelligent headhunter assistant, but with the scalability, depth and reach only AI can provide, designed exclusively for your unique business.


3.   Boundless Global Reach with a Data-Driven Edge

Hire Smart’s reach goes far beyond conventional ATS, job boards, or CV search libraries.  Our advanced AI algorithms sift through an extensive range of public and up-to-date data, including social media, specialised tech publications, projects, and tech communities to create comprehensive digital profiles of each candidate.

Not just that, we provide access to a staggering pool of tech talents, featuring millions of active and passive candidates from around the globe.  And we don't just stop at numbers; our AI enriches these profiles with real-time, data-driven analytics and insights, uncovering hidden gems in the tech talent landscape that could be easily missed elsewhere.

Hire Smart isn’t just about breadth; it’s about depth, intelligence, and unlocking a world of potential like never before.


4.   Unbeatable Time and Cost Efficiency

Forget about mastering complicated Boolean queries and endless keyword searches. Our AI does the heavy lifting, ensuring you focus on what really matters: securing top talent.  But we don't stop at making your job easier. With real-time data enrichment and automated evaluations, you'll be ahead of the hiring game. And all this comes without a hefty price tag, ensuring you stay cost-effective while remaining at the industry's cutting edge.

GDPR Compliant - Your Data, Our Responsibility

We understand the significance of data security in today's digital age. That's why we've taken stringent measures to be fully GDPR compliant. You can rest assured knowing that the confidentiality and integrity of your data is our utmost priority. 

Embrace the Future of Tech Talent Acquisition

Hire Smart represents more than just a platform; it embodies a revolutionary shift in tech recruitment. Although we've made significant strides, the journey is ongoing. As pioneers in this space, we've already outperformed traditional industry benchmarks, setting a new standard well above market leading platforms.

We extend an invitation to those who share our fervour for disrupting the traditional landscape of tech talent acquisition. Your involvement won't just be a product choice; it will be a partnership in shaping a smarter, more effective future for the entire tech industry.

Are you poised to join us in revolutionising tech recruitment? 

Let’s move forward together, setting new benchmarks for what's possible in tech talent acquisition.  Learn more:

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