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  • Resin 3D Printing: Use Cases and Key Benefits

    Resin-based 3D printing is often the preferred method for parts with intricate designs, as well as small or miniature parts or those with fine features. In this design tip, we explore the key benefits this process has.

    added by Protolabs 5 min Read
  • We love old tech and design classics but there’s at least one exception: your Content Management System

    We all have our favourite old technology that we can’t bear to part with.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Edutech - the education saviour?

    Successful class engagement and successful marketing both rely on a solid understanding of your audience.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • How Much Does 3D Printing Cost? Key Factors to Consider

    Build time, finishing time, supports, and part volume are all a variety of factors that can affect the pricing of a part. By factoring these considerations into your design, you can minimise the cost of your parts and improve overall part quality.

    added by Protolabs 5 min Read
  • MarTech: how to think about it, how to make it pay its way

    Marketing technology – we all know we need to build our stack, but we’ve also all heard the stories of systems going unused and money wasted. It’s also a rapidly evolving space with hundreds of products to choose from. So, here’s how I advise clients to think about it at the moment.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Scaling success: marketing tactics for complex products

    As you scale up any business, you know there are huge challenges, especially when your offer is very complex or very new. You have larger, more diverse audiences to connect with. Great marketing can help reach almost all of them, as long as it is done with intelligence and a good core strategy.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • The no-cookies diet, and how to survive it

    Inbound marketing is an ever-shifting space, and right now is no exception. As Google finally makes moves around removing third-party cookies, the way to survive and thrive is to deliver great content within a solid strategy.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Five key insights from brightonSEO

    I was lucky enough to attend this year’s brightonSEO conference, which was a fantastic, full-on, informative, fun and well-organised event.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Mastering the mindset: ditching imposter syndrome

    My working life started back in the early 90s in a predominantly male industry. I was the only female as one of four trainees, and I was always the one asked to make the drinks, do the photocopying...the list was endless.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Mastering inbound marketing – wrangling data for your strategy’s success

    Capturing potential leads through timely, engaging content is an increasingly high-ROI marketing investment – but to make sure you implement inbound marketing effectively, you need top data wranglers, or you risk wasting your efforts.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • 🧳The business travel hack that saves me time, stress + brainpower ✈️ 🎧 May Newsletter 2024

    Ever feel overwhelmed by all the small decisions in your day? In my May newsletter, I share a business travel hack that saves me time, stress, and brainpower. You’ll also get insider tips on the best places to eat and visit in Paris, my thoughts on the pitfalls of #AI translation and a recommendation for a brilliant book that’s helped me transform my work-life balance. I also talk about the added value that interpreters can bring to in-person business meetings.

    added by One Stop Language Solutions 1 min Read
  • Comparing the Cost between Injection Moulding and 3D Printing

    Learn about the cost drivers for both services as parts and products move from prototyping to production.

    added by Protolabs 4 min Read
  • The SEO diaries: part 1 – mastering the dark art of SEO

    Over two-thirds (68%) of online journeys begin on a search engine, and of all the clicks generated through search engines on desktop devices, 45.1% are organic, underscoring the preference users have for organic search results over alternative sources like paid advertisements.

    added by KISS 5 min Read
  • Spring forward with a 10% discount, Lessons in negotiation, Sardinian secrets to longevity & Italy’s booming economy - Newsletter 2024

    Spring has finally arrived, and with it, a bustling season of European Work Council (EWC) meetings. As an interpreter who has worked with over 20 companies on their EWC negotiations, I've learned a few valuable lessons that I share in this month's newsletter. In this month's newsletter, you'll also find insights into Italy's booming economy, my tutoring service for busy executives, the secrets of Sardinian centenarians, and the importance of setting your own pace in business.

    added by One Stop Language Solutions 1 min Read
  • The SEO diaries: part 2 – content is king, but strategy is kingmaker

    McKinsey’s 2022 Future of B2B sales report found that 'around 57% of B2B sellers feel the content their marketing team produces is "generic and unresponsive"'.

    added by KISS 4 min Read
  • The UK's Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PTSI) Act: What our customers using Cellular/ Wifi/ Bluetooth modules need to know.

    As a specialist provider of positioning and wireless communication modules for IoT applications, Alpha Micro is committed to keeping its customers informed about relevant regulations and their potential impact. The recently enacted Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PTSI) Act in the UK introduces new cybersecurity requirements for manufacturers, importers, and distributors of internet-connected products. This blog aims to provide a clear understanding of the Act and its potential implications for their businesses.

    added by Alpha Micro Components 3 min Read
  • Material Hardness Testing of CNC Machined Parts

    Ensuring the right level of hardness for your CNC machined part.

    added by Protolabs 4 min Read
  • How to get the best out of your Interpreter at a Live Event

    One of my favourite jobs this year was interpreting a live session at the FT’s Business of Football Summit. Aurelio De Laurentiis, a veteran movie producer who has transformed the fortunes of the football club SSC Napoli since he saved it from bankruptcy in 2004, was interviewed on stage in Italian by an FT journalist. The experience inspired me to share some quick tips for Cambridge Wireless readers who might be organising a conference or live event with multi-lingual guests or speakers.

    added by One Stop Language Solutions 2 min Read
  • 5 Things to consider when hiring an Interpreter

    Is your business looking to use interpretation services for the first time? …there is a lot to consider! To help you make the right decision, I have compiled the Top 5 things to consider when hiring an interpreter, a guide to ensure you get the best person for your project.

    added by One Stop Language Solutions 2 min Read
  • International Mother Language Day

    🌍 Today marks International Mother Language Day, a significant occasion championed by UNESCO to celebrate linguistic diversity, cultural richness, and the promotion of multilingualism across the globe.

    added by One Stop Language Solutions 1 min Read
  • Artificially Intelligent Cities?

    How can AI help local authorities to create better, more sustainable places for their residents?

    2 min Read
  • When in Doubt, Go With the Flow - Proper Resin Flow

    Designing excellent injection-moulded parts is dependent on many factors. Proper flow of the resin into the mould is one of them.

    added by Protolabs 2 min Read
  • Cambridge firms kick off commercial negotiations at SEMICON Korea

    Government programme opens doors to Korean interest in innovative chip technologies

    added by Intralink 2 min Read
  • Why the time is now for UK tech scaleups to enter Korea

    Narai Kim from Intralink's Seoul office deep-dives into why South Korea is currently a key market to target for UK tech companies, following the Korean President's trip to London.

    added by Intralink 5 min Read
  • Manufacturing Considerations for Plastic Prototyping

    Discover if CNC machining, 3D printing or injection moulding is best for your plastic prototype.

    added by Protolabs 6 min Read
  • Preparing for the power of 6G

    Enhanced connectivity is driving global innovation and improving efficiency, communication, and sustainability in almost every industry. As it expands its reach around the world, 5G is accelerating these developments and constantly generating new and exciting use cases. But with the path to 6G already in motion, what is the future of connectivity?

    added by CGI 3 min Read
  • Data and AI: the key to improving network reliability and managing customer satisfaction

    We all rely on broadband connectivity in our everyday lives, yet we so easily take it for granted. Whether it’s using social media to keep up with family and friends, or online shopping, banking, booking a table at our favourite restaurant, or even travelling by plane, Uber or train - we often don’t realise that this connectivity underpins so much of what we do. For businesses, it’s even more critical.

    added by CGI 3 min Read
  • Combining Rigid and Flexible Materials with PolyJet Overmoulding

    Create unique, complex geometries with overmoulds by leveraging PolyJet 3D printing

    added by Protolabs 4 min Read
  • The third edition of Appleyard Lees’ Inside Green Innovation: Progress Report is now live

    Our annual report provides a comprehensive review of global growth in green innovation, using patent data as a barometer of activity.

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 1 min Read
  • Glossary of patent terms – part 1

    In this two-part glossary, Appleyard Lees partner and patent attorney Parminder Lally, and trainee patent attorneys Debora Dorn and Ryan Newcombe, take you through some of the key terminology you may come across when you’re going through the patent process.

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 8 min Read
  • 5G NTN (Non Terrestrial Networks)

    5G NTN (Non Terrestrial Networks) As the CW's International Conference (CWIC) draws closer it is interesting to see the great line up of topics; it is truly “From the Moon to the Deep Blue Sea”. As such, I thought I’d provide a little background for NTN, particularly in the context of 5G.

    added by Mpirical 3 min Read
  • Protolabs x IMarEST Survey 2023: Turning Down the Heat

    Decarbonisation is the main challenge facing the maritime industry, according to a new survey by the IMarEST and Protolabs - but new technologies offer reasons to be optimistic.

    added by Protolabs 4 min Read
  • How DMLS Can Be Used to Produce Reliable Metal Parts

    Learn how metal additive creates complex, durable, lightweight metal parts

    added by Protolabs 9 min Read
  • China’s new materials industry & UK-China collaboration

    The development of materials and chemical products in China has been one of the most remarkable industrial and scientific transformations in recent history. Over the past few decades, China has rapidly evolved from being a consumer of materials and chemicals to becoming a major player in their production, research, and innovation. In recent years, the materials and chemical products industry in China is characterised by rapid growth, innovation, and a shift towards new materials under the circumstances of global economic and green development. This article focuses on China’s policies regarding new materials, describes the developments in the sector, and explores potential business opportunities between Chinese and UK enterprises.

    added by 6 min Read
  • China AI Development and Business Opportunities

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has and is transforming every corner of human society. Its huge implications are obvious in China, like the rest of the world. This country with 1.4 billion population and an ambitious national strategy has rapidly become a frontrunner in the global AI race. In this article we try to provide an overview of China's AI policy initiatives, summarise China’s AI development and the challenges it faces, explore the investment trends, and provide valuable insights into the country's AI market and the opportunities for collaboration between China and UK AI business.

    added by 6 min Read
  • China’s EV Market and Opportunities for UK-China Collaboration

    China has emerged as a dominant player in the electric vehicle (EV) market, particularly in terms of supply chains, technology, and cost advantage, all of which have contributed to China’s rise in the industry.

    added by 8 min Read
  • Hybrid Networks – The Challenges of Combining Public and Private Cellular Networks

    Read Julie Bradford's blog all about the upcoming Virtual Networks SIG event!

    added by Cambridge Wireless 2 min Read
  • Should European patent applications be opted-out of the Unified Patent Court?

    The EU patent package establishing a Unitary Patent (UP) providing EU-wide patent coverage and a Unified Patent Court (UPC) to enforce such patents entered into force on 1 June 2023, and our clients are deciding whether or not to opt out their existing European patents from the jurisdiction of the UPC. To date most of the discussion has centred around opting out existing granted European patents. However, some of our clients have also been considering whether they should opt out their pending European patent applications. We therefore consider below some of the issues that should be considered in this regard.

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 3 min Read
  • GNSS Security Attack Vectors in Critical National Infrastructure

    The four main Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) constellations (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BEIDOU) provide more than just navigation or positioning. They provide stable & accurate frequency, phase & time references for all manner of systems that underpin modern life. These include telecom networks, power & utility networks, financial services institutions, and radio/TV broadcast to name but a few. Many of these applications form part of a nation’s Critical National Infrastructure (CNI).

    added by Chronos Technology 3 min Read
  • Seven Cities, Ten Days: My Whirlwind Tour of Post-Covid China - PART TWO

    Part Two blog about her recent China trip findings by our Founder and CEO Ting Zhang, focusing on the Greater Bay Area and featuring four cities: 👇 Shenzhen: the Tech Capital of China Guangzhou: Home to China’s Oldest Trading Port Zhuhai & Hengqin: A New Model for Diversification HongKong: Where East Meets West

    added by 8 min Read
  • Seven Cities, Ten Days: My Whirlwind Tour of Post-Covid China (PART ONE)

    Fantastic insight on what's happening with business in China packed with personal anecdotes, all in a latest blog about her recent trip, by Ting Zhang, our Founder & CEO.

    added by 7 min Read
  • Calculating Error: What do a brain and a ship have in common?

    Humans have always sought to make life easier for ourselves – it’s almost what defines us as a species. Part of this is to alleviate ourselves from the mundane tasks of life, from making a pot-stand so it does not have to be held over a fire, to having an automatic out of office reply on your email. As systems became more complex during the industrial revolution there was increased interest in the automatic control of such systems, one of which being the automatic steering of ships.

    added by Plextek 4 min Read
  • The Superhero SIM by Nick Hunn

    added by Cambridge Wireless 8 min Read
  • What will Quantum Computers ever do for us?

    By: Peter Debenham Senior Consultant, Plextek Quantum Computing is buzz phrase found across technical journals, websites and blogs. The phrase even escapes outside the scientific and technical domain into general newspapers and television. It is a recent concept; physicist Paul Benioff proposed a quantum mechanical model of the Turing machine only in 1980[1]

    added by Plextek 4 min Read
  • Waking up from the Maternity Leave dreamland

    Written and illustrated by: Polly Britton Project Engineer, Plextek People sometimes want to know what it’s like being a female engineer, but it’s really just like being a male engineer who goes into a different bathroom. Becoming a mother and primary care giver adds a completely new dimension to the question, though. I just got back from six months of maternity leave, for the second time in my career, and it’s slightly surreal. As more women are encouraged to go into engineering as a field of study and a career, we may soon see more and more women going through this transformation of engineer into mother, and then into an engineer-mother hybrid.

    added by Plextek 3 min Read
  • T 0702/20: patentability of a sparsely connected neural network

    In T 0702/20, the Board of Appeal considered the patentability of a sparsely connected neural network in EP 14882049.1 to Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. This is one of the first cases to consider the patentability of core AI at the EPO.

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 3 min Read
  • Developing Software Defined Radio applications with OpenCPI

    By: Robert Littlejohns Consultant, Plextek Wireless technologies are always evolving and becoming more complex to meet the ever-increasing capacity, reliability and security demands of customers. The most prominent example of this is the ongoing rollout of the 5G mobile phone network. Over time, the 5G standard will improve and gain new features. With the cost of deploying such a network nationwide in the billions of pounds, the ability for a network operator to modify the functionality of their base stations with a software update is very attractive. This can be achieved using Software Defined Radios (SDRs).

    added by Plextek 8 min Read
  • Can Radar Detect Tennis Balls?

    By: Dr Damien Clarke Lead Consultant, Plextek Large and expensive military radar systems, such as the Artisan Radar, are capable of detecting objects as small as tennis balls at great distances even while moving at high speeds:

    added by Plextek 2 min Read
  • Running engineering projects sustainably

    By: Bede O’Neill Business Development, Defence, Plextek In this blog, I aim to show how we run projects in a sustainable way. This covers all ESG angles, from tackling economic inequality, equal opportunities, to fighting climate change.

    added by Plextek 2 min Read
  • AI: Diffusion models in art and beyond?

    By: Josip Rozman Consultant, Plextek Science fiction has long played with the idea of a creative, and mostly benevolent AI which would be able to produce innovative works of literature and art of the highest quality. The hype is partially to blame for our extremely high expectations of said models, and to a degree of disappointment when our expectations are not completely met. There are currently two big areas of research for generative models: natural language and image (video).

    added by Plextek 2 min Read
  • Management Liability - Protect your people

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re the director of a start-up, non-profit or FTSE100 listed firm, the day-to-day decisions you make, could leave you vulnerable to legal action. Not only that, your employees and even the business itself, are also subject to scrutiny and claims can also be made against them. However, you can protect your actions and those of your staff and organisation with management liability insurance, here’s what it covers and how it can help your business.

    added by Alan Boswell Group 3 min Read
  • IP and AI – UK Government publishes response to second consultation

    On 28 June 2022, the UKIPO published its response (here) addressing the second consultation on the interplay between artificial intelligence and intellectual property, which ran from October 2021 to January 2022.

    added by AA Thornton IP LLP 2 min Read

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