Where’s the Money in Open Source?

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Open source is a growing and arguably successful strategy for making our corner of the world a better place. While altruism motivates many individuals and some companies to make things open source, others are in it for the money.

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About the event

While altruism motivates many individuals and some companies to make things open source, others are in it for the money. On the other hand, many companies use or are forced to use, open source for its perceived cost-saving value, often disregarding its risks. So what’s the business case for open source?

Covering multi-faceted aspects of the topic, this half day event will explore the challenges and the opportunities in making money out of open source, and the various business models used. It will help those considering developing open source to understand where the value is and look at what the future might bring.

This gripping event will tackle the most pressing issues in open source today by discussing the following angles:

  • If you don’t sell the software, what can you sell? Or is it just PR and marketing?

  • Can you cash in on a reputation made in the open source world?

  • What is the price of open source?

  • Is Bitcoin the way to literally make money from open source?

  • Are there indirect benefits from developing open source, and if so, what are they?

Confirmed speakers for this event include:

Andrew Haley, Tech Lead at Red Hat and Tim Carter, Head of Business Development for Android in Next Wave Markets at Google will be joining the Panel Session.  

The Software/Open Source SIG is championed by John Bechtel of Badger Pass, David Berry of Qualcomm Cambridge Ltd., Phillip Burr of Arkessa, David Roberts of Jabooh Software Services and Kevin Rolph of MediaTek. 

You can follow @CambWireless on Twitter and tweet about this event using #CWSWOS.

The Software and Open Source SIG is championed by John Bechtel of Badger Pass, David Berry of Qualcomm Cambridge, Phillip Burr of Arkessa, David Roberts of Jabooh Software Solutions and Kevin Rolph of MediaTek. We are also extremely grateful to MediaTek for hosting this event. To follow this SIG on Twitter, @CambWireless, please use #CWSWOS

Hosted by MediaTek (MTK Wireless Limited)

MediaTek is a fabless semiconductor company.

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The information supplied below may be subject to change before the event.


Registration & Networking over Tea and Coffee


Introduction to the Cambridge Wireless Software SIG from Phillip Burr of Arkessa


Welcome from our Host Henry Vickers of MediaTek


Squaring the Circle between Business and Community; Lars Kurth, Director of Open Source Solutions, XENPROJECT.org, Citrix

Open Source has won! Today, most open source developers work for commercial entities and the majority of software and hardware vendors use open source software as key components in their commercial offerings. In this talk we will look at some of the basic dynamics playing out in open source and introduce some mental models explaining them. We will look at the Open Source Flywheel and the Open Source Community Funnel to explain them. We will make a very short excursion into common business models that companies playing in open source use and cover some of the risks that can occur when companies use open source components without fully understanding the potential impact.




Getting the community working for you for free; Jack Lang, Co-Founder and Chairman, Raspberry Pi

This presentation will tackle the questions where and why Open Source works and have a look at some projects where Open Source might be less successful.




Refreshment Break and Networking


Creating Value in the Internet of Everything; David Berry, Director of Engineering, Qualcomm Cambridge Ltd.

AllJoyn™ is an open source project that lets compatible smart things around us recognize each other and share resources and information across brands, networks, and operating systems. Initially developed by Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc., it is now hosted by the non-profit AllSeen Alliance as a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project. With the predictions for billions of connected devices in the Internet of Everything landscape, this talk will discuss the importance of collaboration and open source software in accelerating technology innovation and creating opportunities for a vibrant ecosystem.




Open Source - is it really free?; Neil McGovern, Engineering Manager, Collabora

Open Source software is a fantastic way of decreasing time to market, and can drastically lower costs if implemented properly. However, there's a risk of making large mistakes which may not be obvious to those evaluating Open Source for the first time.




Panel Session with all Speakers, Tim Carter of Google and Andrew Haley of Red Hat chaired by John Bechtel of Badger Pass




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David Berry - Director of Engineering, PTC

David Berry is a Senior Director of Engineering at PTC in Cambridge where he is the site lead for Vuforia (*). David joined PTC in 2016, when PTC acquired Vuforia from Qualcomm. David currently works on developing software for the mobile and eyewear platforms supported by Vuforia. David worked at Qualcomm for over 11 years, starting with the acquisition of Cambridge-based Trigenix in 2004. Following the Trigenix acquisition, he led the development of the server side of the uiOne product through to operator deployment. In his subsequent time at Qualcomm David worked on a wide variety of projects, including, leading a wide range of server products for interaction with mobile devices, leading a machine learning based IOT solution and on the development of the Qualcomm Toq smartwatch. Before joining Trigenix David held technical leadership roles at Cambridge companies FutureTV and Harlequin in the areas of interactive TV and printing. He was at Sun Microsystems in the San Francisco Bay Area where he worked on software for video capture, colour management and image processing. David holds a BSc and PhD from Heriot-Watt University in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. www.ptc.com (*)Vuforia is the worlds leading Augmented Reality Platform.

Andrew Haley - Tech Lead, Red Hat

Lars Kurth - Citrix

Jack Lang - Chair, Raspberry Pi Foundation

Neil McGovern - Engineering Manager, Collabora

Event Location

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Location info

MediaTek, Cambourne Business Park, Building 2030, Cambourne CB236DW

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