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How can tech help Santa?

Brought to you by CW (Cambridge Wireless)

Why is Santa excited about 6G?: Join CW for a fun webinar to explore tech to help Father Christmas deliver this Christmas and help raise money for Ely Foodbank.

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About the event

Santa 2.0 – deep tech to help Father Christmas

2020, it’s been different, and same for the big man – so we thought we’d lend a hand.

With more than two billion children around the world, and Christmas rapidly approaching, Santa could do with some help from the technology community this year.

Using wireless technology to help a toy production facility in a challenging Arctic environment
Julie Bradford,
Managing Consultant, Real Wireless

Santa and the Internet of Christmas (IoX)
Charles Sturman,
Senior Director Product Marketing, Huawei Technologies R&D UK Ltd

Why is Santa excited about 6G?
Zahid Ghadialy,
Senior Director, Technology & Innovation Strategy, Parallel Wireless UK & EMEA

Join CW for a fun webinar where key speakers (all on the good list) explore how Santa Claus can use deep tech to make his important deliveries.

Three short talks will explore tech such as 5G, Internet of Things (IOT), Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR) and satellites to help Santa with probably the biggest logistical challenge of all time – packing the millions of presents, loading the sleigh, navigating around the world at breakneck speed, and finding the right chimneys to climb down.

The webinar will finish up with a lighted-hearted panel session hosted by Peter Whale of Vision Formers.

The cost of the event is £10+VAT with all proceeds going to Ely Foodbank, who provide help to local people at the time of crisis, and help to move forward, in the region north of Cambridge. CW will make up to the closest £1000.

You can follow @CambWireless on Twitter and tweet about this event using #CWXmas.


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The information supplied below may be subject to change before the event.


Welcome and Introduction

Simon Mead, CEO, CW (Cambridge Wireless)
Peter Whale, Founder, Vision Formers


Using wireless technology to help a toy production facility in a challenging Arctic environment

Julie Bradford, Managing Consultant, Real Wireless
Real Wireless frequently works with customers who want to know how wireless technology might help them. These have ranged from city councils, to hospitals, to airports to large football stadiums. However, this year included a very unusual request that tested our team to their limits! We were asked to help a mystery client with a toy workshop facility located in the harsh conditions of the North Pole and the ambitious target of supplying toys to all children worldwide despite the challenges brought by COVID-19.
This talk will look at:
• The challenges of deploying wireless solutions in hostile environments, like the North Pole, and some solutions.
• Options for deploying private wireless networks at remote manufacturing facilities to:
o Improve staff training via mixed reality
o Deliver production line efficiencies
o Improve supply chain monitoring via the Internet of Things.
o Improve staff morale via access to zoom/skype calls, online gaming etc.


Santa and the Internet of Christmas (IoX)

Charles Sturman, Senior Director Product Marketing, Huawei Technologies R&D UK Ltd
Since the time of Saint Nicholas in the fourth-century AD, world population has grown from 200 M to 7.8 Bn and is expected to reach 9 Bn by 2037. Although Father Christmas has done a fantastic job through ever faster Sleighs with increasing load capacity, this exponential rise is unsustainable using current delivery methods. Multiple inter-governmental studies have proposed various technology assistance schemes to the elf council. This talk will review some of these topics and how they can impact on the delivery side of Christmas operations. We will look at Wide-Area Cellular IoT based real-time Reindeer tracking, Semi-autonomous last-yard precision guided present delivery and the benefits of an overarching fully connected Internet of Xmas (IoX) solution to significantly decrease the ‘good-behaviour-analysis -> logistic-scheduling -> present-delivery’ cycle to cope with the expected world population growth during the remainder of the 21st century.


Why is Santa excited about 6G?

Zahid Ghadialy, Senior Director, Technology & Innovation Strategy, Parallel Wireless UK & EMEA
This talk looks at some of the advancements that 5G brings compared to 4G, including lower latency, higher data rates, ability to have loads of connected IoT devices, massive MIMO, beamforming, working in tandem with Satellites and HAPS, AR, VR, XR, Holograms, etc. This will finally conclude with why Santa is really excited about 6G.


Panel session with all speakers

Chaired by Peter Whale, Founder, Vision Formers




Event Close


Julie Bradford - Managing Consultant in Wireless Techno-Economics, Real Wireless

Julie has worked in the wireless industry for over 15 years.  At Real Wireless, she is a thought leader in 5G business case analysis including understanding 5G use cases, quantifying (in financial terms) the operational and socio-economic benefits of 5G services and understanding network dimensioning and cost implications under 5G virtualised networks.

She has most recently led Real Wireless’ techno-economic analysis on the EC Horizon 2020 5G-MoNArch project.  Inspired by the project’s smart sea port testbed constructed by HPA, Nokia and DT in the Port of Hamburg, this analysis included quantifying the operational benefits of 5G to port authorities and other port users and the cost implications of delivering these industrial grade wireless services from existing mobile infrastructure via network slicing supported via the virtualised 5G-MoNArch network architecture.

Previously, Julie was Communications Engineer at QinetiQ UK, consultant at PA Consulting UK, and Senior Systems Engineer for Airvana UK. 

Zahid Ghadialy - Senior Director, Technology & Innovation Strategy, Parallel Wireless UK & EMEA

Zahid Ghadialy is a Senior Director with a fast-moving and innovative US-based young company called Parallel Wireless (PW) that is on a mission to make deployment of any cellular infrastructure as easy and as cost-effective as Wi-Fi. With an extensive experience of over 20 years in the telecom industry as an engineer, programmer, analyst, researcher, architect, trainer, product manager and technical marketer, he is a technologist with a deep understanding of architecting world-class mobile products and solutions. Zahid is currently 'Future Devices & Technologies' SIG champion. He has also previously been a 'Small Cell SIG' and 'Smart & Intelligent Cities SIG' champion. He is also a Non-Executive Director of eXplanoTech. In his spare time he blogs at 3G4G and you can also catch him on Twitter at @zahidtg.

Charles Sturman - Senior Director International Marketing, HiSilicon, VP International Marketing, Huawei Technologies R&D UK Ltd

Charles is responsible for International Marketing for HiSilicon (Huawei’s chipset business). Based in Cambridge UK, with responsibility for product strategy, go-to-market and business development in IoT, edge and smart devices fields. Prior to this he lead u-blox’ activities in the fast moving consumer IoT segment (wearables, smart-home and entertainment) following the acquisition of the ARM Software Radio spin-out Cognovo, where we has founder and executive VP Sales & Marketing. Charles has held various positions in system design, business development and product marketing within Acorn Computers, TTPCom, Motorola and ARM.

Peter Whale - Senior Advisor, UK5G, Founder, Vision Formers

Peter is Senior Advisor at UK5G, where he has been leading work on inter-project collaboration, along with supporting a wide range of other UK5G delivery initiatives.
Peter is also Founder & CEO of Vision Formers, the specialist consultancy that helps visionary technology businesses get product to market and turn ideas into reality.
Vision Formers works with start-ups and scale-ups, providing significant expertise in accelerating business growth through a focus on developing a robust product strategy, growing and coaching product and development teams, and providing operational excellence. Peter has a long track record of conceiving, developing and marketing successful technology-based solutions, deployed at scale, globally. Innovative products Peter has brought to market in digital, cloud, AI, consumer electronics and telecommunications have been used by countless millions of people on a daily basis globally, badged by the world’s leading digital and technology brands. Peter is a board member of CW (Cambridge Wireless), and co-leads its Artificial Intelligence special interest group.

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