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The present, the future & challenges of AR/VR

Brought to you by The Future Devices & Technologies Group

At this event, industry thought-leaders present the key trends in immersive technologies. This will be followed by an interactive workshop to find solutions to design & development challenges, business model struggles and handling hardware evolution.

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About the event

The morning’s talks will provide an overview of immersive technologies from the perspectives of design, business outcomes, monetisation opportunities & finding killer use-cases - especially with the consideration of 5G’s upcoming roll-out. Delegates will have the opportunity to experience some of the industry demos presented by our speakers.

During the afternoon workshop, delegates will split into teams to design immersive solutions that could improve citizens' quality of life and employee experiences.

Immersive technologies will disrupt the way we interact in our daily lives & will change the employee experience. Over the past few years, we have seen the development of many applications in the gaming space, marketing & advertising agencies. This is now being embraced by other businesses like healthcare, engineering, telecoms & automotive. However, as an industry, we still face key challenges around business-cases, monetisation, user-experience & device-adoption. Recently, with 5G deployments, new use-cases are emerging, such as holographic communications which will have an impact on adoption rates. Device prices are reducing & some of them do not require high-end computers to experience a high-quality experience. The evolution of android & IOS OS that support AR has provided an opportunity to deliver experiences that can be enabled via smartphones, thereby increasing outreach.

Participants of this fun and interactive workshop do not need to have in-depth knowledge of immersive technologies, just interest, enthusiasm and a willingness to contribute ideas and insights from their industry's point of view!


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Hosted and sponsored by NTT Data UK

NTT DATA is a leading IT services provider and global innovation partner.

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The information supplied below may be subject to change before the event.


Registration, networking and refreshments


CW welcome, Simon Mead, CEO, CW (Cambridge Wireless)


Introduction to Future Devices & Technologies SIG, Zahid Ghadialy, SIG Champion


Welcome from event host and sponsor, Tom Winstanley, Vice President, Innovation, NTT Data UK


‘Is Augmented Reality the future of Social Media Marketing?’: Nadia Aziz, Innovation Consultant - Emerging technologies, Unbounded Future Ltd

AR can be used for making content dynamic and personalised creating more engagement. This is now being enabled by AR platforms from Facebook with Instagram and YouTube. This talk will take you through the process of quick creative ideation & developing AR stories.


Q & A


‘Hyper, the boundary as a territory’: Mariano Cigliano, Creative Developer, Unit 9

Unit 9’s Hyper project is a solution to disrupt the design process, through integrating immersive technologies. This talk is about our journey and what we have learned along the way.


Q & A


‘The Reality of Enhanced Reality’: Schuyler Simpson, Vice President – Strategic Partnerships & Operations, PlayFusion

Consumer expectations are changing rapidly, demanding that brands and products understand ‘who they are’ and ‘what they stand for’ in an authentic way. This is a deep-dive into the challenges with finding both the right organizations and creating an experience that resonates best with their audiences.


Q & A


Lunch and networking (including company demos)


‘Immersive is expensive - or is it? How to de-risk production costs through rapid lo-fi prototyping’: Aki Järvinen, Senior Experience Researcher, Immersive, Digital Catapult

It is a fact that producing high-fidelity, real-time 3D content is expensive, and immersive is all about 3D. Yet, defining in detail what assets and functionalities are needed before major investments is a key part of a cost-effective process. This talk will outline how to produce quick prototypes, both physical and virtual, to explore and validate immersive product and service concepts. These practices will help in creating a shared understanding of what is being proposed or built and mitigate risks of investing significant resources into making something that ultimately is not fit for purpose, or more complex than anticipated.


Q & A


‘How to create, integrate and measure VR training at an enterprise level’: James Watson, CMO, Immerse

This talk will help you to understand some of the key factors you need to be aware of when considering how to implement VR training programmes. Based on our experience across industry sectors, we will discuss how to go about evaluating, piloting, and successfully implementing a VR programme, including:

• Key insights into effectively introducing VR into your organisation
• Cost-effective, safe and secure scaling of VR training within an enterprise
• How to ensure successful implementation, including metrics and ROI


Q & A


Immersive technology workshop for all delegates (please note refreshments will be available during the workshop)


Pitch back - 10 mins per team


Closing speech and remarks


Networking and refreshments, kindly provided by NTT Data


Event closes


Nadia Aziz - Innovation Consultant - VRAR, Unbounded Future Ltd

Nadia is an emerging technology consultant with heavy focus on AR/VR & new technology areas. She has a broad experience over 12 years as an engineer, programmer, consultant, advisor, speaker, IP scouting and has a passion for emerging technologies and its impact on business transformation. She has also helped in mergers & acquisition programmes in France specifically in the engineering areas. Nadia Aziz was recently an Innovation leader for Emerging Technologies at NTT DATA where she led the development of innovation applications in Augmented (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)technologies, AI, sensors and wearables.

She is active in Digital Health community and was a co-producer for the GIANT Health Event in 2018.

Mariano Cigliano - Creative Developer, Unit9

I have a background in 2d animation, prototyping and creative coding.

In 20 years of experience, I worked with different technologies and languages, developing apps, games and interactive experiences.

After 10 years of freelance collaboration, I joined Unit9 R&D department last year, as a tech lead.

Aki Jarvinen - Senior Experience Researcher, Immersive, Digital Catapult

Aki has spent 12 years combined in the games industry, in design and creative leadership roles. His academic career includes a Ph.D. on game design and 6 years of research and teaching in three universities across Europe. Since, 2016, he has been researching and practicing immersive design, including completing a VR Developer degree and an Immersive Design Residency in the US.

Schuyler Simpson - Founder & CEO, PlayFusion

I lead the Strategic Partnerships arm at PlayFusion, looking for brands that want to bring innovative, enhanced reality experiences successfully to market. Prior to working at PlayFusion, I spent 5 years in retail at Toys R where I led the Global Operations team for the $1.8 billion Private Brands business. While there, I spearheaded and launched an AR mobile app, Play Chaser, consisting of 25 unique immersive experiences in just 13 weeks. The app seamlessly integrated the physical and digital worlds and was implemented into more than 800 stores across the US, Canada, and UK. Looking forward, I’m always seeking to challenge the status quo and look to work with those who want to change the way people see, hear, and experience the world.

James Watson - Chief Marketing Officer, Immerse

James started his career in digital marketing and innovation over 20 years ago, with the last 5 years having been spent developing enterprise VR solutions for companies including Shell, GE and DHL. Immerse is a UK technology company headquartered in London. Their proprietary Immerse Virtual Enterprise Platform (VEP) enables enterprises to create, scale and measure virtual reality training content and programmes. This platform is used across industry sectors, current clients include Shell, DHL, GE Healthcare and QinetiQ.

Tom Winstanley - Head of Consulting, VP/Digital, NTT Data UK

SIG Champions

Graham Anderson - Senior Specialist, Beko

Graham Anderson is Senior Specialist at Beko R&D, with research interests focused around novel sensors, data analytics, and energy storage/harvesting. Previously he worked as a Senior Scientist at Cambridge Display Technology working on the development of ink jet printed OLED displays and organic thermoelectric generators. Graham has a PhD from Leeds University in spintronics.

Nadia Aziz - Innovation Consultant - VRAR, Unbounded Future Ltd

Nadia is an emerging technology consultant with heavy focus on AR/VR & new technology areas. She has a broad experience over 12 years as an engineer, programmer, consultant, advisor, speaker, IP scouting and has a passion for emerging technologies and its impact on business transformation. She has also helped in mergers & acquisition programmes in France specifically in the engineering areas. Nadia Aziz was recently an Innovation leader for Emerging Technologies at NTT DATA where she led the development of innovation applications in Augmented (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)technologies, AI, sensors and wearables.

She is active in Digital Health community and was a co-producer for the GIANT Health Event in 2018.

Esther Ford - Partner, Marks & Clerk

Esther obtained an MEng in Electronic Engineering after studying at the University of Kent and the Technische Hochschule Darmstadt. Having been awarded an Engineering Prize from the Royal Academy of Engineering, she then went on to obtain a PhD in Microelectronics from the University of Cambridge. During her research, Esther developed a nanodot array single electron device with controlled threshold voltage at high temperatures. She also presented the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) Faraday Lecture "The Digital World", which was delivered to live audiences throughout the UK and broadcast over Europe and North America, reaching an audience of 20,000.

After completing her PhD, Esther worked as a research engineer in Nortel Networks and subsequently in a telecommunications design consultancy. She joined the patent profession in 2004 and has extensive experience in managing international patent portfolios. She also has significant experience representing clients at the EPO in oppositions and appeals (both defending and opposing). Esther is highly proficient in German.

Esther joined Marks & Clerk in 2008, and in 2011 enjoyed a secondment as an in-house attorney for a valued client in the Oil/Gas industry. Her recent focus has been in the fields of Internet Service Provision, Oil/Gas recovery, Power Electronics, and the Internet of Things.

Esther has been recognised as a rising star by Managing Intellectual Property, IP Stars, 2017.

Connect on linkedin

Zahid Ghadialy - Senior Director, Strategic Marketing, Parallel Wireless UK & EMEA

Zahid Ghadialy is a Senior Director with a fast-moving and innovative US-based young company called Parallel Wireless (PW) that is on a mission to make deployment of any cellular infrastructure as easy and as cost-effective as Wi-Fi. With an extensive experience of over 18 years in the telecom industry as an engineer, programmer, analyst, researcher, architect, trainer, product manager and technical marketer, he is a technologist with a deep understanding of architecting world-class mobile products and solutions. Zahid is currently a member of Board of Directors at CW and 'Future Devices & Technologies' SIG champion. He has also previously been a 'Small Cell SIG' and 'Smart & Intelligent Cities SIG' champion. He is also a Non-Executive Director of eXplanoTech. In his spare time he blogs at 3G4G and you can also catch him on Twitter at @zahidtg.

Connect on linkedin

David Roberts - Founder, Jabooh Software

David is a technology leader with over 25 years experience working in the hi-tech arena. He has recently completed a successful project for ghd in conjunction with CW where he carried out the role of System Architect and facilitator.  Prior to this he worked in in the C-IoT space where he ran a multi-national R&D department that developed silicon and software designed for the burgeoning IoT market. He was also responsible for driving an agile transformation programme and assisting the organisation with their integration into a large Chinese multi-national telecoms company. Having started his career as a software developer working for BT and Acorn Computers, he went on to hold senior roles in a number of world-class organisations such as Symbian, Cambridge University and Citrix in the areas of Software Development, Project Management, Product Management, Research, Consultancy and Architecture. His background includes leading and developing teams involved in the creation of large-scale integrated hardware and software products, web-based services and CE devices. He is also highly experienced in large-scale agile development practices, agile coaching/transformation and creating and executing strategies for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of organisations.

Charles Sturman - Senior Director Product Marketing, Huawei Technologies R&D UK Ltd

Charles is responsible for Product Marketing at Neul / Huawei Technologies in Cambridge, with responsibility for product strategy and business development in the NB-IoT market. Prior to this he lead u-blox’ activities in the fast moving consumer IoT segment (wearables, smarthome and entertainment) following the acquisition of the ARM Software Radio spin-out Cognovo, where we has founder and executive VP Sales & Marketing. Charles has held various positions in system design, business development and product marketing within Acorn Computers, TTPCom, Motorola and ARM.

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NTT Data Innovation Lab, 25 City Road, London EC1Y 1AA

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