IoT – Brave New World or Simply Evolved M2M?

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Is the IoT simply M2M on a gigantic scale with a vast number of devices feeding massive data repositories, or might it look like billions of tiny things inhabiting an abstracted world that simply gets on with their own interactions?

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About the event

There is an emerging plethora of technology, architectures and players covering a wide spectrum of markets and applications. Many now straddle industrial, consumer, medical and leisure sectors linking together previously isolated domains with innovative applications. We will provide a forum for a debate on products, technology, components and applications as we explore this brave new world of possibly a trillion things. This very popular SIG event will take place at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, and aims to open the world of IoT, and how it can learn from Machine to Machine (M2M).

This timely event will discuss IoT and ask whether the concept is simply M2M on a gigantic scale with a vast number of devices feeding massive data repositories, or might it look like billions of tiny things inhabiting an abstracted world that simply gets on with their own interactions?  What can IoT learn from the world of M2M?  Is it just M2M with a consumer focus or is a paradigm shift required? How will this prediction be achieved, how will the future of technology and lives of consumers change?

Speakers confirmed for this event include:

  • Paul Copping, Corporate Development Director, TRL
  • David Dunn, Software Engineer, Electric Imp
  • Dr Justin Hill, Co-Head of the Patent Prosecution Group, Olswang
  • Purvi Parekh, Co-Head of International Telecoms, Olswang 
  • Pilgrim Beart, Founder Director, 1248
  • Dr Jon Lewis, Chief Innovation Officer, Plextek Consulting
  • Georg Steimel, Head of M2M Solutions, Huawei
  • Fredrik Sjostedt, VP - Corporate Marketing, Barco
  • John Hicklin, Principal Consultant | Commercial Enterprise Markets, CGI  
  • Antony Rix, Senior Consultant, TTP Group 

The Debate/Vote/Panel Session will be chaired by Philip Laidler, the Consulting Director of STL Partners & Paul Green of Arkessa.

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The Connected Devices SIG is championed by Paul Green of Arkessa, Nick Hunn of WiFore Consulting, Antony Rix of TTP Group and Tim Whittaker of Cambridge Consultants. We are very grateful to Arkessa for sponsoring this event and to Microsoft Research for kindly hosting this at their Cambridge office. To follow this SIG on Twitter, @CambWireless, please use #CWCD

Lunch is kindly sponsored by Arkessa

Arkessa is a leading M2M managed services provider.

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The information supplied below may be subject to change before the event.


Registration & Networking over Coffee & Tea


Introduction to the Connected Devices SIG by Antony Rix of TTP


Welcome from our host Bozidar Radunovic of Microsoft Research


Welcome from our lunch sponsor Paul Green of Arkessa


The Enterprise and the Internet of Things - Evolution or Revolution?; John Hicklin, Principal Consultant | Commercial Enterprise Markets, CGI UK

ABI report that 75% of CIOs are looking to develop a strategy for the Internet of Things. This focus is creating significant exposure to the area of machine to machine technologies and their development to meet the vision for this next wave of connectivity. It is also raising important questions as what is needed to make the dream a reality. How you unlock the data within the organisation, re-think your business model and re-imagine your stakeholder engagement are just some. Success in addressing these will determine whether the potential revolution is achieved.




Overcoming the Internet of Things Connectivity Challenge; David Dunn, Software Engineer, Electric Imp

Many people are calling 2014 the year of the Internet of Things. Electric Imp may not know much about calendars, but we are experts at connected hardware. Integrating Internet connectivity into products is more difficult than most companies realize. There are a myriad of challenges that are often overlooked in the early stages of connected product design, ranging from selecting the proper protocol, security, to building a scalable platform for thousands to tens of thousands of connections. This presentation will examine these challenges and offer insight into how they can be easily overcome through using a connectivity platform such as Electric Imp.




Real-life experiences from rolling out M2M networks and how we can learn from these in the shift to IoT; Jon Lewis, Chief Innovation Officer, Plextek Consulting

Plextek Consulting has rolled out numerous M2M networks supporting over 6 million devices based on our Ultra Narrow Band technology. Each deployment has its own commercial and technical challenges and these will only increase in the shift to IoT. This talk will present how we have provided flexibility in key areas so that all of the stakeholders’ goals can be met..




Buffet Lunch & Networking


The role of LTE in M2M; Georg Steimel, Head of M2M Solutions, Huawei

The presentation explores the challenges of mass adoption of cellular M2M connections and how the industry can deal with it.




Using networked visualisation for better decision making; Fredrik Sjostedt, Vice President | Corporate Marketing, Barco Ltd

In today’s business environment we are pressured to take faster and faster decision, and with the
“internet of things” our input matrix gets ever extended. These two aspects makes it increasingly
more difficult to 1) get a clear view of a specific or ongoing situation, 2) involve the correct stakeholders and decision makers at the right time, regardless of their location. In this session we will look at how organisations are using networked visualisation to address this complexity.




Networking over Coffee & Tea


Regulatory backdrop on IP and standards issues for the M2M eco-system; Justin Hill, Co-Head of the Patent Prosecution Group and Purvi Parekh, Co-Head of International Telecoms, Olswang

Regulators are questioning whether there are enough tools to tackle IoT and M2M, particularly as
the scope of M2M services becomes even more international. Bodies such as the European
Commission, the OECD and the Federal Trade Commission have all debated potential regulation to
address the challenges, including the creation of dedicated standards to open up this market.
Because of this 2014 is expected to see changes in the regulatory environment that will impact the
whole M2M eco-system. In parallel there is an uptake in patent filings and IP issues around IoT and
M2M. This talk will survey the various types of patent claims which tend to be used in this sector
and give a brief overview of the standards institutions IP policies.




Connected Products - Designing for Scale; Pilgrim Beart, Founder Director, 1248-io

Getting one device online is usually quite easy, but as your "estate" of devices scales into thousands and millions, new challenges occur at each order of magnitude. Pilgrim will share his and his colleagues' experiences of scaling at companies like AlertMe, and explore new approaches and standards that can help.


The impact of autonomous systems on surface transport; Paul Copping, Corporate Development Director, TRL

How will the market for surface transport evolve over the next 10 – 30 years? When can we expect
a big leap forward in autonomous vehicles? Will IoT architectures enable modal integration and
intelligent mobility? Is it realistic to expect that we will have some autonomous vehicles on UK
public roads in less than ten years? Can we achieve much higher utilisation of the rail network in
the same time frame? How will all this affect journey times, safety, productivity and emissions? Is
the brave new world going to be a commuter’s paradise or a more intelligent form of gridlock?


A new standard to connect the Internet of Everything; Antony Rix, Senior Consultant, TTP

Mass market connected devices require a low-cost connectivity technology. Building on successful
projects developing products that have been deployed in multi-million unit volumes, TTP is now launching the 4th generation of its Matrix system. This offers high efficiency, long range telemetry at low cost and low power. This presentation will compare Matrix with leading alternatives to highlight why a new standard is needed and how it helps enable the Internet of Everything.


Q&A with the speakers listed above chaired Nick Hunn of WiFore Consulting


Debate/Vote/Panel Session on topics discussed with all speakers – Chaired by Philip Laidler of STL and Paul Green of Arkessa


Fill in Evaluation Forms & Event closes


Pilgrim Beart - CEO, DevicePilot

Pilgrim Beart FIET has led innovation for 25 years in Connected Product companies, each at a scale of 1-100m+ customers. His startups include antenova (smartphone antennas), AlertMe (Connected Home platform, powering British Gas Hive and Lowes’ Iris) and 1248 (scalable IoT services).

Paul Copping - CTO, Fawley Waterside, CEO, Maxathon Ltd

Paul Copping has had a career spanning software  telecoms, transport and smart cities. He is currently Chief Technology Officer at Fawley Waterside,  a new build "intelligent merchant city" on the Solent waterfront and backing on to the New Forest National Park.  With 1500 homes and a large commercial and Innovation campus, this development has the opportunity to implement best practice in every phase of its design, build an operations. 


David Dunn

John Hicklin - CGI

Antony Rix - CEO & Founder, Granta Innovation

Antony Rix gained his PhD developing PESQ, a patented AI model of the human auditory system applied to predict the quality of phone calls. This formed the basis of his first startup, Psytechnics, which was acquired by Netscout in 2011. He spent 12 years working at TTP on innovative connected digital systems, software and medical devices, before founding industrial IoT startup 8power in 2016. Antony is a member of the IET and American Telemedicine Association. Antony set up Granta Innovation in early 2018 and focuses on developing and gaining clinical acceptance of tools to transform the diagnosis of cancer using AI and magnetic resonance imaging.

Georg Steimel - Head of M2M Solutions, Huawei Technologies R&D UK Ltd

SIG Champions

Paul Green - Creative Director, Iotics

Paul originated Arkessa in 2006 - the business that provides remote internet services to multitudes of machines. He is currently creating the services Arkessa will offer in five year's time. His professional life combined engineering and science has taken him through a variety of roles, including design and production engineering, business planning, marketing and corporate sales, mainly in the telecommunications sector. Interestingly, the first product he introduced to manufacture is now is in the Science Museum in London. A passionate and committed Christian, Paul is as excited about materials science and quantum physics as he is interested in railways, walking, skiing and the natural world.

Nick Hunn - CTO, WiFore Consulting

For the past thirty years Nick has been closely involved with short range wireless and communications, designing technology that helps to bring mobility to products, particularly in the areas of telematics, M2M, IoT, wearables, smart energy and mobile health. He is closely involved with the Bluetooth SIG, the Continua Alliance and other medical and wireless standards bodies. He is the author of 'The Essentials of Short Range Wireless' - a book attempting to explain the application of wireless technology to product developers.

Tim Whittaker - Head of Professional Audio Visual, Wireless & Digital Services, Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge Consultants was started in 1960 to pioneer the delivery of independent design and development services in electronic, mechanical and product engineering: we are one of the founder companies of the high-technology Cambridge Phenomenon. Our history of world-class services is augmented by our development of intellectual property in areas including telecommunications, software, silicon, medical devices, machine learning, and by more than 20 successful spin-out ventures. Today Cambridge Consultants employs over 900 world-class engineers, scientists, project managers and technicians with offices in Cambridge UK, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Singapore and Tokyo; we provide the full range of services for excellent product design to a worldwide client base in the wireless, consumer, industrial, energy and medical markets. Tim Whittaker is a System Architect in the Wireless business unit, where he has taken the technical lead in projects using radio
standards like Bluetooth, ZigBee, DECT, and in the creation of specialist communications schemes for new applications, or to use new spectrum allocations.

Event Location

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Microsoft Research Ltd, 21 Station Rd, Cambridge CB1 2FB

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