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  • CW Launches Member-Led Webinar Series with Call for Content

    With many businesses now operating solely online, CW will be delivering webinars to our members and the wider technology community over the coming months.  Our Spring training sessions have already been converted to webinars and we’re talking to SIG Champions about updating previously planned face-to-face events into online series. 

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • IoTAS To Host GCF #SG87 - Cambridge 2021

    IoTAS are very pleased to announce that we will be hosting the GCF Steering Group Meeting SG#87 in the Cambridge, UK in June 2021.

    added by IoTAS 1 min Read
  • Demystifying RF - The CRFS Spring Webinar Series

    CRFS, a leading manufacturer of spectrum monitoring and geolocation systems, today announced the launch of its Spring Webinar Series. Subject experts from the company will be conducting interactive webinars covering a range of topics of interest to current and potential users of RF spectrum monitoring and geolocation equipment.

    added by CRFS 2 min Read
  • Why is networking important?

    Earlier this Spring I was invited to present to a lecture theatre of University of Cambridge STEM students on the value of networking and how individuals can maximise the time spent at events.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 4 min Read
  • Intellegens and Optibrium achieve further success in Open Source Malaria initiative with in vitro validation of in silico generated compound

    StarDrop™ and Augmented Chemistry™ prove a powerful combination in AI-guided design (Alchemite™) and validation of novel antimalarial drug candidates. In silico designed compound demonstrates potency against pfATP4 protein target in malaria parasite.

    added by Intellegens Limited 2 min Read
  • Anglia COVID task force prioritises available inventory and design support for ventilators

    Anglia Components has announced the formation of a COVID task force to coordinate and allocate available inventory and FAE resources to support customers designing or manufacturing ventilators and other vital medical equipment to help address the COVID-19 emergency.

    added by Anglia 3 min Read
  • A glimpse into the Internet of Things

    I’m overwhelmed and I am sure you are too. My partner is at the other end of the table. It looks like the stage for some kind of summit, except we are in our slippers!

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Opportunity knocking. Telecom Infrastructure Provider Outlook

    What's going on in telecom infrastructure this year?

    added by Sitetracker 2 min Read
  • Breakthrough unlocks progress in brain-on-a-chip technology

    Massively accelerated image processing supports development of novel treatments for neurological conditions

    added by Cambridge Consultants 3 min Read
  • 5 top tips for marketers now

    Thanks for reading this. I know everyone’s busy and preoccupied so let’s get to the point: my top tips for marketers right now.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • A note from CW's CEO on coronavirus

    On Friday, following the PM's press briefing, CW made the decision to postpone, cancel or convert to webinar the majority of events until Monday 8 June at the earliest (the government's stick in the sand for "turning the tide"). In lieu of this decision, I wanted to keep you up to date with all the other support options that CW can offer you and your business over the coming months.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • SmithsonHill explore lessons from Israel and how the UK can help with scaleup in AgriTech

    The number of Israeli AgriTech startups has tripled since 2016. SmithonHill explores why the UK's scaleup strength makes Cambridge the logical home for these companies to grow and commercialise.

    added by SmithsonHill 1 min Read
  • Four books to ease your time in quarantine

    With schools closed and the majority of businesses moving to remote working, we’ll have to find ways to accommodate and adapt to our new working-from-home schedules with children at home full time, as well as seek strategies to keep body and mind healthy.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Covid-19 – Statement from eg technology

    Covid-19 – Statement from eg technology

    added by eg technology Limited 1 min Read
  • The ‘Dude with Sign’ is a sign of things to come!

    I’m sure we’ve all seen the @Dudewithsign sweeping across our Instagram feeds (and if you haven’t check him out) holding cardboard signs with a simple protest such as, ‘stop replying-all to company-wide emails’ and ‘that meeting could have been an email.’ Relatable.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • CW Member Ofcom finalises rules for mobile airwaves auction

    Ofcom has today confirmed how we will release important airwaves to help improve mobile broadband and support the rollout of 5G.

    added by Ofcom 2 min Read
  • Cofinitive shortlisted in 30th Anniversary Business Weekly Awards

    We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted in the upcoming Business Weekly Awards.

    added by Cofinitive 1 min Read
  • CW Member Anglian Water sets out ambitious plans to adapt to climate change

    Anglian Water has become the first company to set out how it is preparing for the impacts of climate change in Defra’s latest round of adaptation reporting under the Climate Change Act.

    added by Anglian Water 3 min Read
  • CW Member Nokia and ENGIE Solutions to deploy LTE wireless network for Grand Paris Express lines 15, 16, 17

    The Société du Grand Paris (SGP) has selected a consortium comprising Nokia and ENGIE Solutions to deploy an industrial grade LTE private wireless network for new automated lines of the Grand Paris Express metro.

    added by Nokia 2 min Read
  • CW Member Vodafone launches cyber-security service for critical infrastructure businesses

    Vodafone Cyber Enhanced is a new managed service for UK businesses in critical infrastructure industries like utilities, transportation, finance and emergency services.

    added by Vodafone 1 min Read
  • Coderus Becomes The Official Software Partner of the Great Britain SailGP Team presented by INEOS

    Coderus' software solutions will help members of the public to visualise real-time movements throughout each race to help better understand the teams race strategies and tactics on the go.

    added by Coderus 1 min Read
  • Anglia announces measures to support customers and staff through Coronavirus

    Anglia Components has put in place extensive measures to minimise the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on its customers and to protect its staff.

    added by Anglia 2 min Read
  • Budget 2020 - R&D Tax Relief changes

    Good news for companies claiming the R&D reliefs! As part of today's Budget policy changes the Chancellor has announced four changes affecting those companies that claim or will claim the R&D tax relief. The changes will affect claimants under both the R&D Expenditure Credit scheme and the SME scheme.

    added by Kingly Brookes LLP 1 min Read
  • CW Member PwC Comments on the Spring Budget's Faster Broadband and Mobile Coverage Investment

    Commenting on further investments into faster broadband announced in the Budget today, Daniel Jacobson, Senior Economist in PwC’s TMT practice, said the following:

    added by PwC UK 1 min Read
  • CW Member Tektronix and Coherent Solutions Announce Exclusive Partnership Providing Fully-Integrated Optical Communications Platforms

    Technology companies Tektronix and Coherent Solutions today announce an exclusive partnership agreement to provide fully-integrated optical communications platforms to new and existing customers in support of the growing global demand for communications across the telecom, datacom, defense/aerospace and semiconductor markets.

    added by Tektronix UK 1 min Read
  • CW Member Nokia and Irish Aviation Authority deploy next-generation air traffic control network for the North Atlantic

    Nokia has today announced successful deployment of the Irish Aviation Authority’s (IAA) next-generation air traffic control network at its new West Ireland disaster recovery center.

    added by Nokia 2 min Read
  • CW Board Elections 2020 – Become a Director on the CW Board

    It’s election time again for CW! We are an organisation that is effectively owned by our Members and each year you have the opportunity to join the governing Board responsible for CW’s strategic direction.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • CW Member GSMA Partner with GTI to Call for Governments to Facilitate the 5G Era

    White Paper Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

    added by GSMA 2 min Read
  • CW Member BT set to launch Gigabit home broadband across the UK

    BT set to become the UK’s fastest home broadband provider in more places than any other with the launch of a new gigabit service later this month

    added by British Telecommunications 2 min Read
  • CW Member Qualcomm Announces Significant Progress Toward Commercial Introduction of C-V2X in Europe

    Multiple Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) products achieved RED certification

    added by Qualcomm Technologies International 3 min Read
  • Rakuten Mobile selects CW Member Nokia for optical transport for its first 5G cloud-native mobile network

    Nokia today announced Rakuten Mobile will deploy the Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Switch to power its reconfigurable photonic mesh mobile backhaul network. Rakuten Mobile, Japan’s newest mobile carrier, is set to launch the world’s first end-to-end fully virtualized cloud-native 5G mobile network. The deployment of Nokia’s cutting-edge coherent and optical component technologies will enable Rakuten Mobile to easily and flexibly grow its network bandwidth for the rapid rollout of 4G and 5G services.

    added by Nokia 1 min Read
  • Trust – and the importance of accurate and timely information in the current climate

    In the globalised world we live there is only one thing that spreads quicker than viruses: fake news. As we’ve (or should have) learned how anti-vaxxers and their misleading information brought back deadly, previously eradicated diseases, we must prevent misinformation about the novel coronavirus strain COVID-19 from spreading as quickly as the virus itself.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Initiative to develop communications technology for the new decade to be launched in Cambridge

    John Grant from Nine Tiles has authored this guest blog introducing the ISG Non-IP Networking (NIN) Working Group which has been formed by ETSI and which will have its inaugural meeting in Cambridge on 25th March (registration closes 19th March).

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • Why Everyone in Retail is Considering Mobile App Technology

    This article will explore the role of mobile app technology in the retail industry, influencing recent developments in e-commerce to create personalised shopping experiences for consumers worldwide. From one-touch mobile payments to customer chatbots, to create more opportunities both online and offline.

    added by Coderus 4 min Read

    4G coverage in rural areas of Scotland is now at record levels thanks to a big boost in recent years in the number of new masts.

    added by EE 4 min Read

    4G coverage in rural areas of Wales is now at record levels thanks to a big boost in the number of new masts built in recent years.

    added by EE 3 min Read
  • Holistic brand experience: C not D

    We’ve developed digital strategies for several clients recently and it’s had me thinking about the fact that we need to talk about ‘C’ words more than ‘D’ words.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • How CW is approaching Coronavirus

    As an event organiser, CW has a responsibility to safeguard the health of its community. While the risk of infection from Coronavirus in the UK is currently low, the situation is developing rapidly and actions implemented now have the opportunity to reduce the impact of the virus further down the line. To this end, today we have released the CW Coronavirus Policy which details the actions that we are taking to minimise the risk of the virus to our community.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • CW Member GSMA: 5G Moves from Hype to Reality – but 4G Still King

    5G has gained significant traction over the past year and is now live in 24 markets worldwide, supported by an expanding roster of 5G devices and growing awareness among consumers. According to the 2020 global edition of the GSMA’s flagship ‘Mobile Economy’ report series, 46 operators in 24 markets had launched commercially available 5G networks by 30 January 2020. One in five mobile connections is forecast to be running on 5G networks by 2025.

    added by GSMA 2 min Read
  • CW Members Nokia and Intel collaborate on silicon technology innovations for 5G New Radio and cloud infrastructure

    Nokia announced today that it has collaborated with Intel on technology advancements for its 5G radio portfolio. The companies have worked closely on the new Intel Atom® P5900 processor that combines compute, connectivity and acceleration technologies. The jointly developed custom silicon solutions are included in Nokia’s AirScale radio access products being shipped worldwide as part of its 5G “Powered by ReefShark” portfolio. By adopting ReefShark widely in its AirScale portfolio, Nokia is significantly boosting performance and lowering the energy footprint of 5G network rollouts. In addition, Nokia will continue to adopt the latest general purpose Intel Xeon processor in its AirFrame cloud data center solution.

    added by Nokia 2 min Read
  • Fastest-ever Anglia Live website launches with streamlined search

    Anglia has made a significant upgrade to Anglia Live making it one of the fastest, most flexible e-commerce sites in the electronics industry. The new site offers a host of new and enhanced features including a completely configurable parametric search, allowing customers to compare devices and guiding them towards the best solution for their design.

    added by Anglia 3 min Read
  • Digital Twins are in Business

    On Tuesday 3 March CW’s Connected Devices SIG joined forces with the Industrial IoT SIG to deliver a set of talks that exposed the current implementation of digital twin technology in businesses and brought to light many of the challenges that are hindering their growth.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 10 min Read
  • CW Member BT brings intelligent connectivity to UK businesses with new Cisco Managed SD-WAN solutions

    Accelerating digital transformation for medium to large businesses across the UK

    added by British Telecommunications 2 min Read
  • Data-Driven Machine Learning is the Best Approach For Advanced Battery Modelling

    A collaboration between the University of Cambridge, A*STAR and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, assessed methods for predicting EV battery states and revealed that a data-driven machine learning model offers the most accurate predictions for state of charge and health.

    added by Intellegens Limited 3 min Read
  • Plextek Group Sells Plextek RFI to CML

    Cambridge-based Plextek Group has sold one of its spin-outs, the boutique microwave chip design business Plextek RFI Ltd., to Langford, Essex based CML Microsystems Ltd. for an undisclosed sum, thus following the well-trodden Cambridge tech house model.

    added by Plextek 2 min Read
  • CW Member GSMA Find That 5G Is Driving Edge Computing Momentum in China

    lmost 90 per cent of mobile ecosystem players in China identified edge computing as a major revenue opportunity in the 5G era, according to a new GSMA survey.

    added by GSMA 2 min Read
  • What’s your strategy to transition to the IVDR?

    David Warwick, Director at eg technology, talks about the transition to the IVDR.

    added by eg technology Limited 2 min Read
  • Top content or none at all

    We all need a hand at work sometimes. When you do, you know there are those people you’re drawn to because they get stuff done, they are on your wavelength, they make your job easier – and most days they make you smile. Great B2B brands can be like that too – your buyers think of them positively, they know what to expect, and your brand delivers. Clearly being that kind of supplier in your customers’ minds is gold, and great content plays a key role.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • The Ultimate Guide to Mobile App Localisation and Why It Is So Important

    What is mobile app localisation and why is it so important? Language plays a crucial role across the globe, and more than ever uses are demanding more reliable and accessible mobile app technologies to use on a cross-culture level. This article will explore what mobile app localisation is and its many benefits for end mobile users.

    added by Coderus 5 min Read
  • CW Member TTP plc enters into exclusive licence agreement with DiaSorin to commercialise molecular diagnostics platform

    TTP’s Puckdx platform offers a flexible and low-cost solution for translating sample-to-answer assays to a simple, easy-to-use desktop device for a range of diagnostic applications in human and animal health DiaSorin will utilise TTP’s Puckdx platform for human in vitro diagnostic assays Cambridge, UK, and Saluggia, Italy, 02 March 2020: TTP plc (TTP), a leading independent technology and product development company, and DiaSorin, a global leader in the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) field, have signed an exclusive licence and technology transfer agreement. DiaSorin will combine its extensive molecular test offering with TTP’s Puckdx™ platform to develop a single-use, sample-to-answer, molecular diagnostics point-of-care platform for human IVD applications.

    added by TTP plc 2 min Read
  • In the week that mobile world congress didn’t happen in Barcelona, could this be the end of the road for massive trade shows?

    As fears of international travel continue, this week’s empty halls at Mobile World Congress (MWC), have given rise to the question of the place of massive international trade shows in a post-climate-crisis world.

    added by Cofinitive 3 min Read
  • BT Sport And Samsung Deliver First Ever Live 8K Sports Broadcast In The UK

    Stunning 8K broadcast of UEFA Europa league clash showcases the future of ultra-high definition broadcast

    added by British Telecommunications 2 min Read
  • Chronos joins Innovation Martlesham Ecosystem

    Being part of Innovation Martlesham enables us to showcase our expertise and collaborate with like-minded tech companies; while at the same time make use of the impressive facilities at BT Adastral Park. There are approximately 3,000 ICT professionals working onsite within a diverse range of companies including large ICT companies, many of whom are Chronos customers or Chronos has worked with to deliver global infrastructure projects.

    added by Chronos Technology 1 min Read
  • Triple account wins create new Key Account Manager and Designer appointments at marketplace amp

    marketplace amp, based in Bury St Edmunds, specialists in all aspects of setting up, optimising and amplifying online marketplaces, has appointed a Key Account Manager, Kat Peggram and a Designer, Kris Sanders. The expansion of the team arrives as marketplace amp takes on new clients Dettol and Durex (Brands of Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare UK) and health bar and cereal food brand Eat Natural.

    added by Marketplace AMP Ltd 1 min Read
  • CW Member Qualcomm Demonstrates Future 5G Technologies That Enhance Performance, Efficiency, and Enable New Use Cases

    Continuing the Company’s legacy of developing and demonstrating breakthrough technologies, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. is announcing a suite of new advanced 5G technology demonstrations, providing a glimpse of our rich roadmap of 5G technologies. These demonstrations, some of which were unveiled during the company’s “What’s Next in 5G” press event this morning,  underscore Qualcomm Technologies’ commitment to the ongoing research and development of future 5G technologies. In addition, they show our ability to enable the global mobile ecosystem and new vertical industries, support next-generation services and business models, and create new use cases and experiences.

    added by Qualcomm Technologies International 2 min Read
  • CW Member Global Cellular Infrastructure Firms Select Qualcomm 5G RAN Technologies

    Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. continues to extend its global 5G leadership in mmWave and cellular infrastructure technologies with the Qualcomm® 5G RAN platform (FSM100xx). Qualcomm Technologies announced this platform in May of 2018 and it has since been adopted by many manufacturers and cellular infrastructure providers around the world. The wireless infrastructure ecosystem recognizes that Qualcomm Technologies provides a mmWave radio access platform designed to be scalable and cost-effective. Furthermore, its form factor and power level is designed to address indoor and outdoor densification requirements for 5G networks and fast-paced network upgrades to 5G.

    added by Qualcomm Technologies International 5 min Read
  • CW Member Intel Announces Unmatched Portfolio for 5G Network Infrastructure

    Leading Providers Choose Intel’s 10nm Base Station SoC; New 2nd Generation Xeon Scalable Platforms in Market Now from Industry Leaders

    added by Intel 4 min Read
  • A record-breaking 17 years of winning top employer award for CW Member Mills & Reeve

    Mills & Reeve celebrate being named in The Sunday Times’ Best 100 Companies to Work For list for 17th year in a row.

    added by Mills & Reeve LLP 1 min Read
  • New £65 million package for 5G trials

    The DCMS has announced the winners of £35m funding to help accelerate 5G’s adoption by businesses in the UK. The government has also launched a £30m 5G competition for the creative industries.

    added by UK5G 4 min Read
  • How to Become a Consistent Thought Leader in the Software Development Industry

    How does thought leadership work? Are you practicing thought leadership in your workplace? Check out our article on how thought leadership can help you create a more successful business strategy, by building a team of passionate individuals and being prepared to help others.

    added by Coderus 3 min Read
  • CW Member Imagination’s RF IP included in Autotalks’ PLUTON2 Chipset

    Imagination CRF4600 enables automotive dual-mode V2X communications

    added by Imagination Technologies 2 min Read
  • CW Member Imagination announces new iEB110 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) v5.2 IP

    iEB110, a complete BLE v5.2 solution will supercharge the development of the next generation of audio applications

    added by Imagination Technologies 2 min Read
  • CW Member PA Consulting announces record fee income of £500 million for 2019

    PA Consulting, the consultancy that’s bringing ingenuity to life, announces record fee income of £500 million for 2019, a 10 per cent increase on 2018. PA’s clear purpose and strategy has put the firm on an accelerated growth path, delivering ahead-of-market performance. PA is now set to double the business in the next five years.

    added by PA Consulting Group 1 min Read
  • CW Member Vodafone brings mobile connectivity to Scottish residents in ‘not-spot’ area

    Residents in New Luce, Wigtownshire, are the first in Scotland to benefit from a programme to provide 4G to areas with no mobile coverage from any operator.

    added by Vodafone 1 min Read
  • Claire Lomas MBE keynote speaker at Chamber event to celebrate International Women’s Day

    Delegates are encouraged to help create a gender equal world to celebrate International Women’s Day at Peterborough Cathedral on Friday 6 March. This annual, prestigious event in the Chamber calendar is expected to be another sell out with over 150 business people in attendance.

    added by Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce 1 min Read
  • Digital showcase for Marshall Centre marking apprenticeship scheme centenary

    Cambridge-based web design and development agency, Onespacemedia, has launched a new website for Marshall Centre, part of Marshall of Cambridge (Holdings) Ltd, to showcase their training offering for apprenticeships, professionals and companies.

    added by Onespacemedia 1 min Read
  • The Role of AI in Strengthening Your Cybersecurity Management Systems

    What is AI and how can it improve and strengthen cybersecurity management systems across different platforms? This article invites us to look at the role of AI as a management system that helps to process and analyse data and enhance endpoint protection for the end user.

    added by Coderus 3 min Read
  • CW Member Plum Consulting's report on video sharing platforms released by DCMS

    In December 2019, CW Member wrote a report for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport that explored the number and characteristics of video-sharing platforms under UK jurisdiction and the extent to which these platforms are compliant with the terms of the new regulations of the updated Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD).

    added by Plum Consulting 1 min Read
  • Onespacemedia expands with appointment of two new team members

    Cambridge web design and development agency, Onespacemedia, has welcomed two new members of staff after a string of new business wins in the life science and technology sectors.

    added by Onespacemedia 1 min Read
  • CW Member InterDigital seeks input on 5G evolution

    Invitation to participate in H2020 EMPOWER consultation on 5G Evolution

    added by InterDigital Europe 1 min Read

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