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  • Comms365 Blog - In the News

    As Christmas approaches and the end of 2018 is in sight we thought it would be a perfect time to share some highlights from what has been another eventful few months here at Comms365!

    added by Comms365 2 min Read
  • Amazon Alexa inspires the next generation of Innovators.

    Year 10 Cambridge LaunchPad Innovator students from Coleridge Community College, North Cambridge Academy and the Stephen Perse Foundation were invited by Amazon to take part in a day of practical activities. By giving students an insight into working for one of the leading technology businesses, Cambridge LaunchPad aims to encourage them to think about the possibilities available within the STEM industry.

    added by Form the Future CIC 2 min Read
  • ’Tis the season to be discussing Christmas ads

    The build-up to Christmas starts earlier every year… Who hasn’t been guilty of saying that when Christmas displays start appearing in supermarket isles in October?

    added by KISS 4 min Read
  • Research collaboration with mobile tech industry leads to national award

    A University of Bristol research collaboration has been awarded one of the highest accolades in the UK deep tech industry, for a new wireless technology that will transform 4G and 5G global roaming capabilities.

    added by University of Bristol (Communication Systems & Networks Research Group) 2 min Read
  • Anritsu Announces release of All-in-One 400GbE PAM4 BER Measurements

    Luton, United Kingdom – November 21st, 2018 - Anritsu Corporation, a global provider of innovative test and measurement solutions for advanced and converged networks, announces the release of its 64-Gbaud PAM4 Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG) and 32-Gbaud PAM4 Error Detector (ED). This PAM4 BERT supports 400GbE testing when these modules are installed in the Anritsu Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A series to implement a bit-error-rate test solution with best-in-class signal level quality and excellent Rx sensitivity for next-generation broadband communication systems.

    added by Anritsu 2 min Read
  • Swap shop: visiting another agency to share best practice

    KISS’s Senior Web Developer Barrie Calver has just visited Jackson Spalding, an agency in Atlanta similar to KISS. Find out about the similarities, and the differences, to doing PR stateside.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Change wakes us up and can re-energise our business strategies

    Change is good for us. It can wake us up – and we should use that energy to take stock of our businesses.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Stand out from the crowd and you might get my attention

    Thanks for reading this far.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Recipe for success: how New Covent Garden disrupted the soup market

    All of a sudden it’s soup weather!

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • New series of UHF and LTE Antennas from antennaPRO

    New 42xx series UHF and LTE Antennas Available from antennaPRO

    added by antennaPRO 1 min Read
  • Students use DNA to determine killer at Horizon Discovery.

    This year’s Cambridge LaunchPad Innovators programme started with a bang when Year 10 students from Bottisham Village College, Netherhall School and Swavesey Village College joined together at Horizon Discovery to solve a murder. Students were welcomed onto the Cambridge Research Park, where they participated in several interactive activities and learned about some of the career and education pathways into the life sciences.

    added by Form the Future CIC 2 min Read
  • Recruitment event holds promise for jobseekers and employers alike

    Cambridge Network's highly successful run of recruitment events, where potential candidates have the opportunity to meet leading local employers, continues on the evening of Tuesday 27th November 2018.

    added by Cambridge Network 1 min Read
  • Cambridge Consultants advises ECI Partners in advance of IoT investment

    We advised the UK private equity firm during its management buyout of Arkessa, the IoT managed services provider. Following a thorough technical analysis the investment was completed during summer 2018.

    added by Cambridge Consultants 2 min Read
  • Free B2B meetings session at MWC and free early bird tickets to MWC

    The Enterprise Europe Network has organised B2B meetings at MWC in Barcelona for a number of years.

    added by Enterprise Europe Network 1 min Read
  • Excitement builds during Morgan Sindall construction project day

    Cambridge LaunchPad partner, Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure, invited 50 Year 4 students for a day of construction activities to open their eyes to the wide range of career possibilities in the industry. Students from Icknield Primary School and Stapleford Community Primary School joined together at Sawston Village College to inspire their students through hands-on learning.

    added by Form the Future CIC 2 min Read
  • Maggie an Activated Cardiac Patient speaking to NHS leaders in the East of England about self-care

    Coinciding with National Self-Care Week, Eastern AHSN is hosting its “Innovation in healthcare: new solutions to well-known issues” event with over 60 NHS leaders from the NHS in the East of England.

    added by Aseptika (Activ8rlives) 3 min Read
  • ALL G - Parallel Wireless ‘Connects’ in 12 African Countries

    2G/3G/4G/5G Open RAN solution helping to bridge the digital divide for the estimated 800 million still unconnected in Africa

    added by Parallel Wireless UK & EMEA 3 min Read
  • Global Experts Hold IoT Product Development Sur4gery for Cambridgeshire Businesses

    Cambridge-based Fen Technology is launching a pop-up event featuring world-class experts in product development from leading international businesses, supported by CW (Cambridge Wireless).

    added by Fen Technology 2 min Read
  • Spend Friday 14 December learning about and discussing drug-free antibacterial technology for medical applications with Lucideon

    Infection has become one of the toughest problems in the medical world, with bacteria increasingly resistant to drugs. Can infection be controlled and managed using materials and surfaces instead? This question will be explored at a one-day Cambridge Network event next month.

    added by Cambridge Network 1 min Read
  • Announcing Verum: a platform to reshape healthcare delivery

    Verum remotely monitors patients and provides AI-powered predictions around medical conditions. Verum can unlock efficiencies in clinical trials by eliminating the effect of stress.

    added by Cambridge Consultants 3 min Read
  • Cambridge tech company signs innovative deal with China’s design capital

    1 November 2018: In a major ceremony held in Cambridge and attended by dignitaries from both China and the UK, Cambridge Design Partnership (CDP) signed what is known as a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (MOU) with the deputy mayor of Jiang’an district of Wuhan, Mayor Du Changhui.

    added by Cambridge Design Partnership 2 min Read
  • How to Extend a Probationary Period and Keep the Individual Motivated

    How to Extend a Probationary Period and Keep the Individual Motivated I have the pleasure of working with many HR professionals, and a topic that often gets discussed with regards to recruitment and staffing is the probationary period.  More specifically, how to extend a probationary period, and not lose the confidence or motivation of the individual concerned.  In this post, I will share some tips on how to extend a probationary period and keep the individual in question motivated and determined to succeed in their role.

    added by Amazing Prospects 4 min Read
  • Parallel Wireless to provide 4G LTE in Ghana

    Virtualized 4G Open RAN to enable fast wireless broadband to citizens and businesses

    added by Parallel Wireless UK & EMEA 2 min Read
  • Breakthrough for treatment of fibrotic diseases

    Drug combination has potential to halt a process responsible for large numbers of deaths.

    added by Anglia Ruskin University 2 min Read

    St John’s Innovation Centre is delighted to be a part of the Innovate UK’s Global Business Innovation Programme, delivered by Enterprise Europe Network, organising a space visit to Silicon Valley for businesses working in the space and satellite sector.

    added by St John's Innovation Centre 1 min Read
  • Simon Mead Starts as CW CEO

    Thursday 1 November marks Simon's first day as CEO. He was announced as Robert Driver's successor in September following a thorough recruitment process by the CW board. He comes to CW straight from the University of Essex where he ran the Eastern Enterprise Hub, delivering mentor-driven networking programmes to support SMEs and social enterprises.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • No company owner is an island: talking business with other MDs

    Being a business owner can be a lonely existence. Sharing ideas and experiences with other business leaders can bring a fresh perspective to your most pressing problems.

    added by KISS 4 min Read
  • Celebrating dedicated teachers around the world

    There are an estimated 264 million children and young people out of education in developing countries. This month has seen a number of events held and initiatives launched in recognition of World Teachers' Day.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Recruitment event holds promise for jobseekers and employers alike

    Cambridge Network's highly successful run of recruitment events, where potential candidates have the opportunity to meet leading local employers, continues on the evening of Tuesday 27 November 2018.

    added by Cambridge Network 1 min Read
  • Why SD WAN is a game changer for IT Resellers

    If you’re an IT reseller looking to extend your product portfolio to include bonded internet and SD WAN (Software-Defined Wide-Area Network) solutions, Comms365 have opportunities available. Read on to find out more about what we can offer.

    added by Comms365 3 min Read
  • ZenFi Networks Implements Sitetracker Platform to Enable Small Cell and Fiber Business Growth

    Sitetracker, the project and asset management standard for infrastructure owners and developers, is proud to announce their collaboration with new customer ZenFi Networks, an innovative, locally-owned and operated communications infrastructure company serving the New York and New Jersey metro region. ZenFi Networks will use the Sitetracker Platform to manage internal and external teams designing, building, and maintaining small cell and fiber assets, allowing them to scale their operations and project deployment.

    added by Sitetracker 2 min Read
  • New partnership to strengthen health provision

    Agreement to collaborate on workforce development, education, research and innovation A new partnership has been signed by Anglia Ruskin University and Public Health England to carry out public health research and to develop the health agency’s workforce at its new £450 million campus in Essex.

    added by Anglia Ruskin University 2 min Read
  • Asthma+me self-care solution for children and young people with asthma, launched by Aseptika (Activ8rlives)

    1.1 million children in the UK have Asthma. During 2015-2016, 21 children died from an asthma attack. It was reported that 19 of these deaths could have been prevented.

    added by Aseptika (Activ8rlives) 4 min Read
  • New Cambridge office for FieldHouse Associates

    Debbie Mayhew appointed as Director of FieldHouse Cambridge

    added by FieldHouse Associates 2 min Read
  • Cofinitive achieves status as one of Cambridge’s 130 Most Influential Businesses

    In less than four years of trading, Corporate Communications Company Cofinitive has been recognised as one of the Cambridge News ‘130 Most Influential Businesses’.

    added by Cofinitive 1 min Read
  • Weigh2GO programme helping the residents of Sandwell achieve and maintain a healthy weight using Activ8rlives smart scales and online application health portal

    Sandwell Leisure Trust are getting right behind Sandwell Public Heath by offering use of Activ8rlives Body Analysers at the Wednesbury Leisure Centre, Haden Hill Leisure Centre, Tipton Leisure Centre & Portway Lifestyle Centre.

    added by Aseptika (Activ8rlives) 2 min Read
  • Learn how to break down silos in your business

    On Thursday 1 November join an interactive mini-workshop, over breakfast with Turning Factor to learn more about behavioural barriers and explores how silos can prevent people working together hashtag

    added by Cambridge Network 1 min Read

    The XR Industry Survey 2018, based on a survey of 595 AR/VR professionals, reveals some interesting trends for the industry, some of them expected, others more surprising.

    added by Marks & Clerk 3 min Read
  • Learnings on AI in Diagnostic Imaging

    A rising shortfall of trained diagnostic imagers in the NHS, combined with an increased reliability and abundance of commoditised AI algorithms, and changes in regulation to encourage innovation in the field of medtech - for example France announcing the creation of a health data hub - makes now the perfect time for computer scientists to be applying image recognition and artificial intelligence technologies to the healthcare sector.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 5 min Read
  • Significant judgment on Standard Essential Patents handed down by the Court of Appeal

    EIP has today secured a judgment on behalf of its client Unwired Planet, in a case which has significant international implications for all patent holders and licensees of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs).

    added by EIP 1 min Read
  • Onespacemedia drives online success for global financial services specialist

    Cambridge-based branding, web design and development agency, Onespacemedia, has launched a new website and provided digital marketing consultancy for global financial services company, Laven Partners.

    added by Onespacemedia 2 min Read
  • Why not wearables? Insight from entrepreneur Shamus Husheer

    What does it take to start tech companies, raise funds and make them successful? Come along to hear from entrepreneur Shamus Husheer, technologist and inventor turned CEO/CTO, at Cambridge Network's Open Talk tomorrow (Wednesday 24 October).

    added by Cambridge Network 1 min Read
  • Launch party for the first Invested Investor Book

    Want a short cut to becoming a successful entrepreneur or angel investor? A new and groundbreaking book distils decades of experience, both good and bad, into an easy to read guide. Founded by Peter and Alan Cowley, The Invested Investor is designed to increase the success rate for entrepreneurs and early investors by detailing the big do’s and don’ts.

    added by Invested Investor 2 min Read
  • Real-time tracking for firefighter safety: apply for contracts

    Every year the UK fire and rescue services deal with more than 55,000 incidents inside buildings and other structures. One of the struggles they face is keeping track of where firefighters are during real emergencies in hostile environments.

    added by The KTN 1 min Read
  • Anritsu and Samsung Achieves 5G NR Full Stack IODT with MT8000A Platform

    Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A supports 5G NR UE development for smooth roll-out of 5G services

    added by Anritsu 1 min Read
  • Local STEM education initiative, Cambridge LaunchPad, reaches new heights

    Leading science, technology and engineering organisations from across Cambridgeshire gathered at The Bradfield Centre alongside representatives from local schools and home educating networks to show their support for Cambridge LaunchPad, an innovative STEM outreach programme. New, existing and potential partners alike came together to celebrate the achievements and successes of the last academic year, and to get excited for this year’s activities.

    added by Form the Future CIC 2 min Read
  • Real World SD WAN Use Cases

    At Comms365 we get lots of questions about how SD WAN is used. It’s relatively new technology which means that many businesses aren’t familiar with its applications. This article gives some examples of how the technology can help businesses, making it easier for you as a reseller to understand the wide range of uses and benefits for your clients.

    added by Comms365 2 min Read
  • Green GB Week sees businesses focus on their carbon footprint

    It’s day two of Green GB Week. Find out what’s been going on and why it presents a good comms opportunity.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Supply chain kills the e-commerce star

    In the last few months, we at Intergroup Partners have been working on innovation in virtual distribution; here is the distillation of the theory that we are putting into practice for our partners.

    added by Intergroup Partners AG 5 min Read
  • Facebook to headline free seminar programme at Peterborough B2B

    Over 80 exhibitors will showcase their products and services to an expected 600 visitors at KingsGate Conference Centre at the end of this month where there will be unlimited opportunities to make new business connections.

    added by Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce 1 min Read
  • Event focuses on corporate wellbeing: mental health in the workplace

    The heavy cost of mental health issues – to individuals, employers and the wider UK economy – cannot be ignored, and there is no quick fix, a Cambridge Network audience was told yesterday (Weds), World Mental Health Day.

    added by Cambridge Network 3 min Read
  • Why Is It Ok for Techies to Dress Down for Work?

    Why Is It Ok for Techies to Dress Down for Work? When I think about techies and work attire, style isn’t always the first thing that springs to mind. That said, there is something quite endearing about wearing comfy clothes to work, and I’m not the only one who seems to think this.

    added by Amazing Prospects 2 min Read
  • Innovation Tax Specialist MPA Group Acquires Tax Specialist Venture 4th

    Innovation tax specialist, MPA Group has announced the acquisition of tax specialist business, Venture 4th, as part of its strategic growth plan.

    added by MPA Group 2 min Read
  • Holiday? What holiday? Refocusing on work after a spell in the sun

    Getting back into 'work mode' after a holiday can be tough. Why not invest in a workshop to help your team refocus? KISS Managing Director Sarah Reakes explains.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • How will Nike’s Kaepernick ad impact brand perception?

    Anthea Hughes, KISS's Head of Account Services, considers what the long-term implications of the controversial Colin Kaepernick ad might be for the Nike brand.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Why proofreading is like goalkeeping

    KISS Communications Copywriter Katie Silvester believes that proofreaders don't always get enough credit for the near disasters they prevent – a bit like goalkeepers.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • 11 things I’ve learnt in 11 years of running an agency

    KISS CEO Simon Fryer shares some of the secrets of KISS Communications' success.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Can the humble press release keep up with the digital world?

    KISS Account Director Jane Kroese considers whether the press release is dead in the face of more targeted digital marketing tools

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • KISS sponsors major Cambridge healthcare conference

    KISS is sponsoring a Cambridge-based international health conference hosted by the Innovation Forum and the Milner Therapeutics Institute

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Cambridge organisation launch service that aims to provide local teens with personalised guidance and support

    The number of young people reporting anxiety has rocketed. With many keen to make a positive start this academic year, Form the Future CIC hope to relieve some of the stress and pressure that they feel with the launch of ‘Focus on Success’, a private careers advice service.

    added by Form the Future CIC 1 min Read
  • Cambridge China Centre launches Cambridge China Forum - Driving UK|China Business Relationships

    Cambridge China Centre, an emerging organisation in Cambridge, is going from strength to strength since its launch in June. We are now excited to be focussing on launching the business sector activities by announcing the Cambridge China Forum – the inaugural event driving forward UK|China Business relationships.

    added by Cambridge China Centre 2 min Read
  • Cambridge Consultants and CATALOG reveal plans for scalable DNA data encoding machine

    Data storage consumes cities worth of power and soon won’t meet our data storage needs. We’re building a machine that will use DNA data storage to put the information content of entire data centers into the palm of your hand.

    added by Cambridge Consultants 3 min Read
  • Lessons Learned at CW TEC 2018. Guest Blog Written by Stephen Unger

    In this blog, Stephen Unger (former CTO at Ofcom and Chair of the CW TEC 2018 Steering Committee) outlines his impressions of "The Inevitable Automation of Next Generation Networks".

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • Online Poster Display: Radio Technology for 5G - Making It Work

    Twenty four posters were on display at the joint Radio Technology and Academic & Industry SIG event on 18 September. A selection are available here for those in the CW community who couldn't make the event. Please get in touch with CW if you would like introductions to anyone involved in these projects!

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • Radio technology for 5G - making it work. Guest blog written by Roger Green.

    On 18th September CW held a well-received joint Radio Technology and Academic Industry SIG event. Here, University of Bristol PhD student Roger Green, discusses his experience.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 4 min Read
  • Your opportunity to meet and collaborate with Canadian companies

    Canadian companies visiting Cambridge in November - part of a cross-European matchmaking mission to find collaborative partners - would like to hear from potential industrial partners from several sectors.

    added by Cambridge Network 2 min Read
  • The Benefits of Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN)

    IT resellers, Product Managers, Sales Team, and even Managing Directors will know how important an agile, cost effective and automated network is, and will want to be sure that they’re reselling the best solutions. If your customers are looking to upgrade their network technology, then read on to find out how our software-defined wide area networking technology (SD-WAN) and bonded internet solutions can help you to help your clients.

    added by Comms365 3 min Read
  • The age of co-innovation: IFA insights

    IFA Show is broadly considered Europe’s largest Technology show. It is certainly the most consumer-friendly, with low ticket prices designed to encourage public attendance. With 1,814 exhibitors and 161,200 square metres of sold-out show floor, IFA again confirmed its role as the leading showcase for the global technology industry. Our immersion into the show revealed some key trends – some expected, some less so.

    added by Intergroup Partners AG 5 min Read
  • Award-winning wearable transforms the theme park experience

    We’ve partnered with accesso Technology Group to develop a smart wearable for theme park guests. The device means visitors don’t need to carry cash, keys, or queue for attractions.

    added by Cambridge Consultants 2 min Read
  • BlueStack™ brings disruptive innovation to Bluetooth audio

    BlueStack™ launches today, a dual-mode Bluetooth software stack with a unique commercial model. We provide the IP for a one-time fee, creating a customizable platform for connected audio products.

    added by Cambridge Consultants 2 min Read

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