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  • Six new trainee solicitors join Howes Percival

    Howes Percival has welcomed six new trainee solicitors. The firm has also appointed five new solicitors who have recently completed their training contracts with the firm.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 2 min Read
  • Government changes affect service and hospitality sectors

    On 22 September 2020 the Prime Minister announced additional restrictions in response to increasing rates of infection in the Covid-19 pandemic.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 3 min Read
  • The Successor to Furlough – The Job Support Scheme

    The Chancellor announced a new Job Support Scheme (“JSS”), which is to run from November 2020 for 6 months and replace the current Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, which ends on 31 October 2020.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 3 min Read
  • CW launches new consortium to help companies scale and move from Product to Product-as-a-Service (PaaS)

    CW Cambridge Wireless creates a consortium of members to accelerate and successfully scale the transformation of product companies to digital services: Product as a Service (PaaS).

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • CommAgility's Robust LTE Software Selected by EUCAST for South Korea's Public Safety Network

    CommAgility, a Wireless Telecom Group company, announced today that its 4G LTE software has been integrated by EUCAST in South Korea's public safety network.

    added by CommAgility 2 min Read
  • Huawei sponsors CW Edge Week in support of the Cambridge tech hub

    Huawei, the global technology leader has supported the Cambridge Wireless International Conference (‘CWIC’) forming the CW Edge Week as the Platinum Sponsor. Huawei said it could use its global reach to help boost the growing Cambridge tech hub as part of its ongoing commitment to the UK.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • Tighter Restrictions, Track And Trace

    On 22 September the government announced further national measures to try to control the escalating number of coronavirus cases in England. Under their devolved powers, Scotland, Wales and Ireland have also introduced new measures along broadly similar lines but with differing levels of severity. Many of the new rules in England will have a significant effect on the leisure and tourism sector.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 4 min Read
  • CW Technology and Innovation Awards 2020: Winners Announced

    Winners of the CW Technology and Innovation Awards announced!

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 4 min Read
  • CWIC2020 inaugurates CW Edge Week with Huawei foreword to the UK tech community

    Building a Fully Connected, Intelligent World

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • Call for tech businesses in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and beyond

    Join the virtual audience and watch the UK-German Innovation Challenge Pitching Premiere

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • Making the unconscious conscious

    In my last blog I touched on the opportunistic strategy of colliding activism and behavioural change marketing to help create an environment of change. It got me thinking about the role of advertising and public relations and how they contribute to what we define as society’s ‘norms and values’. I became fascinated with this concept when I was studying Illustration at university - in fact it was the main reason I decided to go into the field of marketing and public relations.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Pensions, Employment and Divorce - Achieving-Equality

    As Family Law partner, Justine Flack observes, many people may feel that pensions are not the most exciting topic to read about. However, there is a lot that has happened in recent years in this area - auto enrolment, pension freedoms and raising the state pension age for women - which makes them a relevant topic. They are also important when it comes to divorce as they frequently represent one of the most valuable assets along with the matrimonial home.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 5 min Read
  • Telco Edge Computing: How To Partner With Hyperscalers

    Both telcos and hyperscalers want to capture the value at the edge, but they need to work together to deliver of edge computing solutions and generate demand among customers. How can operators collaborate with hyperscalers while strengthening their role beyond connectivity?

    added by STL Partners 5 min Read
  • September IoT News: Bottom-line RoI | ARM Nvidia | pregnancy test Doom

    As IoT moves beyond a fascination with whizzy new technology ("Can we do it?", "How do we do it?"), everyone is starting to evaluate their hard, financial return-on-investment ("How do we do it profitably?). We're seeing this happen throughout the supply-chain, from device vendors, communications providers, cloud services … and of course in Service Monitoring, too. After more than three years of commercial experience helping customers to successfully scale and become profitable (and a lot of years before that doing it ourselves at previous companies), we've now gathered enough examples to be able to quantify seven different ways in which Service Monitoring typically drives revenue up and costs down, whilst enabling growth – to deliver a great return-on-investment (RoI).

    added by DevicePilot 2 min Read
  • From start up to grown up

    With an innovative idea and ambitious targets your business may be self-funded or reliant upon the support of private investors to enable the business plan to be fine-tuned and research/development to be undertaken. S-Tech is able to provide insurance/risk management costings for incorporation in the business plan. Our article explores how you protect what's most important to you and how to adapt your programme as you grow

    added by S-Tech Insurance Services 5 min Read
  • Tektronix Delivers Industry’s First 10 GHz Oscilloscope with 4, 6 or 8 Channels

    New 6 Series delivers significant innovation with increased bandwidth, lower noise and more channels than similar products in its class.

    added by Tektronix UK 3 min Read
  • How CityFibre’s gigabit-capable broadband network will transform lives in Cambridge

    We may be a nation suffering from Zoom fatigue, but if the last few months has shown us anything, it is just how important digital connectivity is.

    added by CityFibre 2 min Read
  • Supporting the next generation of engineers through COVID 

    Nick Hill, CEO at Plextek, reflects on a tough time for school and university students and explains why he was determined to keep his commitment to engineering internships  

    added by Plextek 3 min Read
  • How Virtual Reality (VR) could shape the post-virus recovery

    Dr Nigel Whittle, head of medical and healthcare at design and engineering consultancy Plextek, looks at the devastating effects of lockdown on mental health and considers the varying uses of VR technology in combatting the rise in anxiety, depression and feelings of hopelessness.

    added by Plextek 4 min Read
  • A brand new accelerator challenge

    Allia has joined forces with DIF Capital Partners, and is looking to support three ambitious start-ups who are passionate about solving the most pressing social and environmental challenges that we face today.

    added by Allia 1 min Read
  • The highs and lows of the virtual ‘courtroom’ experience at the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC)

    In June and July 2020, Appleyard Lees litigated an unprecedented number of trials in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) – which were held in an equally unprecedented, virtual format. The following outlines our experience and our learnings. We hope this will be helpful for other attorneys, solicitors and litigants with upcoming trials at the IPEC which, since March 2020 and for the foreseeable future, will be held virtually.

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 3 min Read
  • Tektronix Introduces the 8 Series Sampling Oscilloscope Platform with Support for 56GBd and 28GBd Applications

    Tektronix Introduces the 8 Series Sampling Oscilloscope Platform with Support for 56GBd and 28GBd Applications

    added by Tektronix UK 2 min Read
  • Education brands – how to survive harsh times

    Today’s education providers have a real opportunity to stand out by swiftly reconsidering their customer experience.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Tektronix Premiers Real-Time Dashboards with Integrated Support for Keithley DAQ6510 and DMM6500 from Initial State

    Tektronix Premiers Real-Time Dashboards with Integrated Support for Keithley DAQ6510 and DMM6500 from Initial State

    added by Tektronix UK 2 min Read
  • UK adults purchased up to 21 million new digital devices during lockdown in desire to stay connected

    Deloitte’s Digital Consumer Trends research of 4,150 consumers reveals UK digital device usage habits;

    added by Deloitte LLP 4 min Read
  • COVID-19’s lessons for medical equipment design

    What we’ve learned and how to make it happen - John Bowman, Marketing Director and Lead: Medical Task Force, Anglia Components

    added by Anglia 5 min Read
  • Have you looked at your purchasing terms recently?

    Standard terms and conditions are one of those things, much like regular dentist check-ups or funeral plans, we all know we need but we’d rather not think about them on a daily basis. After all, who has the time to ponder their own mortality or whether they’re flossing enough every day? We’ve all got better things to do!

    added by Howes Percival LLP 2 min Read
  • New Client Services Manager joins online fmcg marketplaces specialist marketplace amp

    marketplace amp, based in Bury St Edmunds, fmcg grocery aisle marketplace specialists, managing the set up, optimisation and amplification of brands on online marketplaces, has appointed a new Client Services Manager, Tarro Giannesi.

    added by Marketplace AMP Ltd 1 min Read
  • Anglia showcases range of opto-sensors for touch-free life after COVID

    Anglia is offering a full range of Omron touch sensors to reduce the need for contact and shared surfaces, as facilities adapt to coronavirus counter-measures. The Omron B5W LCR sensors, W7ED capacitive touch sensors, and D6T non-contact temperature sensors all enable future generations of automated devices to further improve safety and help prevent the spread of disease.

    added by Anglia 3 min Read
  • Furloughed Employees Should Receive Full Redundancy Payments and Notice Pay

    The Government have introduced the Coronavirus, Calculation of a Week’s pay Regulations 2020 effective from the 31st July 2020. It ensures furloughed employees receive statutory redundancy pay and statutory notice pay based on their normal pay if they were working, rather than a reduced furlough rate.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 2 min Read
  • EGT & SETHA Host 2nd Webinar Series On In-Vivo Devices, Microfluidics & Diagnostics

    Following the success of our inaugural webinar series which focused on medical devices, eg technology are once again teaming up with sehta to host a series of three webinars dedicated to the design and development of in-vivo devices, microfluidics and diagnostics.

    added by eg technology Limited 3 min Read
  • Chronos Technology forms a Partnership to Supply, Install and Support MIT Dynamic’s UCentric Solutions

    Chronos Technology, a leading resilient GNSS system integrator, has formed a partnership with MIT Dynamic, a UK-based development company specialising in data capture and communication software solutions to deliver the UCentric suite of meta data analysis applications.

    added by Chronos Technology 1 min Read
  • Marketers need a 5-year plan

    As we have said recently, a lot of well-qualified economists and commentators suggest we’re quite likely facing a ‘W’ shaped recovery. This seems realistic – so we’re recommending that marketers should anticipate this – and to cope with it, table a strong and realistic five-year plan.

    added by KISS 4 min Read
  • GWA and Duras join forces

    Duras Consulting, the Cambridge based Science and Technology consultancy today announces plans to merge its activities with long-established Cambridge based product and system design consultancy GWA Limited. The business will trade under the GWA name and aims to capitalise on the collaborative success both companies have achieved on major projects together over the last few years.

    added by GWA 2 min Read
  • Getting to know the human behind the client

    I lead my first ‘lockdown’ pitch over Microsoft Teams last month for a global tech company and I had huge reservations about the whole pitch process. Would the Wi-Fi hold out? Would the client be able to hear me? Would someone walk in and start hoovering the carpet at any moment?

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • EGT & Calcivis Receive Honourable Mention

    eg technology, the specialist design and development consultancy based in Cambridge, UK, are celebrating after been given an honourable mention in the European product design awards for their work with Calcivis on their dental imaging system.

    added by eg technology Limited 1 min Read
  • Tektronix Enhances Entry Solutions Portfolio with Expanded TBS1000C Digital Storage Oscilloscope

    Tektronix Enhances Entry Solutions Portfolio with Expanded TBS1000C Digital Storage Oscilloscope

    added by Tektronix UK 3 min Read
  • Marketing in 2020: how to survive, adapt and thrive

    As a marketer preparing for the next 12 months it would be easy to feel overwhelmed or uncertain, even fearful. Here are some key actions we recommend to help you survive, adapt and thrive over the coming months.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • ARU to build partnerships to help region recover

    Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) has announced measures to collaborate with business, public sector and community organisations to help the region recover from COVID-19 and to stimulate further economic growth.

    added by Anglia Ruskin University 1 min Read
  • Influence with influencers

    With the explosion in influencer marketing - the industry was worth $2bn in 2017 and is set to reach $15bn by 2022 - I often describe social media as a bit like Times Square: you’ve got thousands of people all in one place and all these brands fighting for your attention.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Quarantine Employment Rights

    Howes Percival's employment and HR law experts discuss what employers need to consider when dealing with employees returning from destinations which are subject to quarantine measures.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 5 min Read
  • Kao Data joins Science & Tech Award sponsors

    We are proud to be sponsoring the Start-up of the Year Award at the 2020 Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards.

    added by Kao Data 1 min Read
  • Dovetailed launches Business Chatter

    Business Chatter - a space to let off steam and chat all things your business. It is free, independent and 100% confidential.

    added by Dovetailed 2 min Read
  • Spotta secures seed funding round of $1.18m

    Investors have rewarded the commercial success of Spotta's smart pest systems with a $1.18 million seed funding round.

    added by Martlet 3 min Read
  • How ‘movements’ create an environment of change

    It starts with an injustice, which manifests into anger and frustration. It then turns into a movement, which is vocalised through protests. It moves into a political debate, and then eventually a change of the mind helps create an environment of harmony and understanding – well that’s the hope anyway!

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Anglia offers customised heatsink capability providing optimum thermal management for every application

    Anglia Components is now offering customised heatsinks as part of its Anglia Inception range to complement its wide range of standard thermal management solutions available from a line-up of world class suppliers

    added by Anglia 2 min Read
  • Eastern AHSN impact review: turning great ideas into positive health impact in 2019/20

    Eastern AHSN (Academic Health Science Network) has published its latest impact review (for the period April 2019 to 31 March 2020) highlighting how they turned great ideas into positive health impact last year, told largely in the words of the people they worked with.

    added by EAHSN 1 min Read
  • Ravensbourne students win big at the virtual D&AD New Blood Awards

    Four Ravensbourne BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand Design students won the prestigious pencil awards during the D&AD New Blood Awards 2020. BA (Hons) Digital Photography students were also recognised as ‘ones to watch’ at the iconic New Blood digital festival.

    added by Ravensbourne 2 min Read
  • Can you continue furlough payments during redundancy notice periods?

    Caroline Illing, associate in the employment team at Howes Percival, explains the legality of using the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to cover the cost of redundancy notice periods.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 2 min Read
  • cofinitive has signed up as a Local Business Champion – an initiative by the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce

    cofinitive has signed up to be a part of the new Championing Business programme launched by Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce.

    added by Cofinitive 1 min Read
  • 100% virtual should be the new normal

    The pandemic is rewriting the rules of customer experience. But what do Covid’s sudden seismic shifts mean for marketers long term? I think it’s wise to expect even more emphasis for the long term on the virtual brand experience – in fact 100% virtual should be the new normal.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Pivot – the most overused word of the last 13 weeks?

    I’ve lost count of the amount of times the word ‘pivot’ has been used in Zoom and Teams meetings over the last 13 weeks! It’s very clear from what we’ve all recently experienced that many businesses and organisations across the globe have had to swiftly change their plans and ‘pivot’.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Smashtag “Pence per Trip” temperature monitoring

    Smashtag have launched the latest version of their wireless temperature logger targeted at short multiple trip users and automated data capture applications such as containers arriving into warehouses. The new logger is constantly broadcasting it’s signal to devices so data can be downloaded easier and at any time via the app. The data is sent up to the cloud where it can be accessed by any authorised user. 

    added by Smashtag Ltd 2 min Read
  • New remote developer hired to service growing roster

    Cambridge web design, development and marketing agency, Onespacemedia, has hired new developer, Thomas Phillimore - the first remote-working employee in its 10-year history.

    added by Onespacemedia 1 min Read
  • Navigating your way out of lockdown

    Carl Mifflin, Partner and Head of Restructuring and Insolvency at Howes Percival, considers the challenges facing businesses as we emerge from lockdown.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 2 min Read
  • HMRC clarify that furlough pay can be used for contractual and statutory notice pay

    Following a series of requests to HMRC to clarify the position on notice periods the government guidance on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) has once again been updated.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 1 min Read
  • Are digital twins as patentable as their physical counterparts?

    On 15 July 2020, the Enlarged Board of Appeal of the EPO met to discuss the criteria used to determine whether computer simulations can be patented in Europe. Patent attorney Parminder Lally summarises the hearing and provides her thoughts on the case, which could have a significant impact on how the EPO determines whether any software inventions such as computer simulations are patentable, particularly when the software inventions do not have a direct link to the physical world.

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 8 min Read
  • Message from Ting Zhang on UK-China business relations

    As someone who has worked passionately at the forefront of UK-China international business, trade and investment for the last 25-plus years, I have been deeply upset by the seemingly overnight deterioration in UK-China relations following the UK’s decision to ban Huawei’s 5G equipment.

    added by 2 min Read
  • New tech event series to help regional businesses drive digital transformation

    CW (Cambridge Wireless) and Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority (CPCA) launch a new series of events introducing 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Twin technologies to business leaders in the region

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • Flylogix and Cambridge Consultants to send drones beyond the horizon

    Cambridge Consultants is working with Flylogix to send satellite-controlled drones offshore, beyond visual line of sight, to gather data from offshore platforms. Using Iridium's satellite network will enable Flylogix to scale, operating from a central hub.

    added by Cambridge Consultants 2 min Read

    Klickdigital has a lot of experience in creating and implementing design work. Many of our projects include the UX experience, front-end creative design as well as the implementation of the final designs whether on mobile or desktop.

    added by Klickdigital Limited 2 min Read
  • Howes Percival's Cambridge Office Wins "Commercial Litigation Team of the Year"

    Howes Percival has won ‘Commercial Litigation Team of the Year’ at The Cambridgeshire Law Society Legal Excellence Awards.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 1 min Read
  • Vicky Messer of Picocom wins Outstanding Individual Contribution to SCF Award

    The winner of this year’s Outstanding Contribution to SCF Activities Award 2020 is Vicky Messer, director, product management Picocom.

    added by Picocom Technology Ltd 1 min Read
  • Are you making this common founder mistake?

    But we’ve seen too many founders leave thinking about their comms too late, which is a huge mistake!

    added by Cofinitive 4 min Read
  • Best practice for start-ups, scale-ups and SME

    CW and IC Resources collaborate to provide a forum for start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs to support best practice

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 4 min Read
  • Intellegens awarded funding by Innovate UK to model COVID-19 data and improve pandemic management

    Intellegens has received funding from Innovate UK to model COVID-19 data and improve the management of future coronavirus outbreaks and other infectious diseases. The tool, which will be based on Intellegens' unique deep-learning algorithm Alchemite™, will help understand how policy changes might impact outcomes, helping inform decision-making.

    added by Intellegens Limited 2 min Read
  • Recovery marketing – the big W

    Of all the predictions for the shape of the economy as we recover, most analysts say a ‘W’ is the most likely and the best way to plan marketing.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • RN Electronics Testing of 60 GHz Devices

    RN Electronics receives accreditation for 60 GHz testing to EN 302 567, covering multiple-gigabit per second radio equipment operating in the 60 GHz band (57 to 66 GHz).

    added by RN Electronics 1 min Read
  • EnfuseNet: Rewriting the economics of vehicle autonomy

    Cambridge Consultants has developed EnfuseNet, a breakthrough Artificial Intelligence (AI) system for autonomous vehicles. A low-cost system that generates high-resolution depth data for vehicle perception technology.

    added by Cambridge Consultants 2 min Read
  • Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in the New Digital Economy

    The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and CW (Cambridge Wireless) present an exclusive webinar with speakers from Facebook, World Bank, UN Global Compact and Qualcomm, looking at how women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries can be supported, through digital technology.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read

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