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  • Iprova launches 3GPP standards monitoring and contribution creation support.

    Pioneering AI invention company Iprova has expanded its recently-launched Invention Studioevo platform offering to now include specialised functionality for members of the 3GPP standards project.

    added by Iprova Ltd 2 min Read
  • “Master Your Business Finances” (17th January 2024-Online Event)

    Are you worried about not "Uncovering Your Unknowns"? Then this free workshop is for you. Hosting at 2 PM on 17th January 2024 (GMT)

    added by Watermill Accounting/Innovation Credit 1 min Read
  • Forefront RF recognised as “Rising Star” by Sifted

    Backed by the Financial Times, Sifted is a leading media brand for the European start up community

    added by Forefront RF Ltd 1 min Read
  • Manufacturing Considerations for Plastic Prototyping

    Discover if CNC machining, 3D printing or injection moulding is best for your plastic prototype.

    added by Protolabs 6 min Read
  • AI expert joins Iprova Advisory Board

    Ex-Amazon artificial intelligence expert Dr Catherine Breslin joins Iprova's Advisory Board

    added by Iprova Ltd 1 min Read
  • 5 Principles for Encouraging Your Supply Chain to Limit Carbon Emissions

    Find out how to make your business more sustainable in 2024

    added by Cambridge Wireless 4 min Read
  • Developments in Motion Control Technology streamline Industrial Automation Design

    Accurate motion control is the heart of modern industrial automation. Whether it's a robotic arm assembling intricate electronic components or a conveyor system managing the flow of goods, this technology plays a pivotal role in achieving seamless operations. It is like the invisible but ever attentive servant that delivers precisely, accurately and predictably the movements that the system mandates, bringing robots, CNC machines, and numerous other automated processes to life. The quality of its design has a huge impact on the speed, efficiency, quality and material consumption of the industrial process as a whole.

    added by Anglia 6 min Read
  • Beware of complacency in 2024

    As we look to the year ahead, the supply chain looks healthier than it has for some time, with good levels of inventory overall, and shorter lead times than we’ve seen for some time. Customers should beware of complacency though, as the economic headwinds that are already visible will mean that this situation won’t last. Inflation continues to have a sustained impact on the economy. Although there is likely to be limited growth in the industrial sector, we expect other markets including those driven primarily by consumer spending to decline.

    added by Anglia 5 min Read
  • Intellectual Property Firm Appleyard Lees Appoints New Managing Partner

    Bobby Smithson, Partner at leading intellectual property law firm Appleyard Lees, has been appointed as the firm’s Managing Partner, effective 1 January 2024.

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 1 min Read
  • Preparing for the power of 6G

    Enhanced connectivity is driving global innovation and improving efficiency, communication, and sustainability in almost every industry. As it expands its reach around the world, 5G is accelerating these developments and constantly generating new and exciting use cases. But with the path to 6G already in motion, what is the future of connectivity?

    added by CGI 3 min Read
  • CGI joins expert panel to launch Northern Ireland’s largest 5G Mobile Private Network testbed

    On Wednesday 8 November 2023, CGI took part in the launch of Northern Ireland’s largest 5G testbed, which is set to supercharge smart manufacturing and education in the region

    added by CGI 1 min Read
  • CGI, Eutelsat OneWeb and Icomera to pilot improved broadband communications for train travel through seamless hybrid satellite and terrestrial networks

    CGI (NYSE: GIB) (TSX: GIB.A) is running live trials to demonstrate how integrated low-earth orbit satellite and terrestrial communications networks can provide seamless, low latency broadband connectivity on Britain’s rail network.

    added by CGI 2 min Read
  • Data and AI: the key to improving network reliability and managing customer satisfaction

    We all rely on broadband connectivity in our everyday lives, yet we so easily take it for granted. Whether it’s using social media to keep up with family and friends, or online shopping, banking, booking a table at our favourite restaurant, or even travelling by plane, Uber or train - we often don’t realise that this connectivity underpins so much of what we do. For businesses, it’s even more critical.

    added by CGI 3 min Read
  • CGI to deliver the largest 5G Private Network testbed in Northern Ireland in partnership with Digital Catapult and Nokia

    In partnership with Nokia, we are delivering ground-breaking 5G testbed facilities in Northern Ireland set to supercharge smart manufacturing and education in the region over the next five years.

    added by CGI 2 min Read
  • Blurring the lines between Mobility and Fixed Wireless Access – ProEdge Antenna

    We are thrilled to announce the launch of our revolutionary fixed wireless ProEdge antenna, designed for connectivity for fixed wireless access and mobility solutions alike!

    added by antennaPRO 1 min Read
  • Public Success, Private Grief: Entrepreneur Peter Cowley tells final story of overcoming tragedy and forging resilience

    In public, entrepreneur Peter Cowley is one of Europe’s best-known angel investors and active supporters of global entrepreneurship. Listed amongst the world’s business elite, Peter has invested in over 75 technology startups, and founded a further 12 technology companies of his own. His book, The Invested Investor, is widely recognized as the startup community’s bible

    added by cofinitive Ltd 1 min Read
  • Introducing the New PRO-DAR Receiver Multicoupler

    The PRO-DAR is a new high dynamic dual amplifier receiver multicoupler designed for analogue LMR/PMR and digital DMR/dPMR radio applications in the 80 MHz, 150 MHz VHF band and 450 MHz UHF bands.

    added by antennaPRO 1 min Read
  • Combining Rigid and Flexible Materials with PolyJet Overmoulding

    Create unique, complex geometries with overmoulds by leveraging PolyJet 3D printing

    added by Protolabs 4 min Read
  • The third edition of Appleyard Lees’ Inside Green Innovation: Progress Report is now live

    Our annual report provides a comprehensive review of global growth in green innovation, using patent data as a barometer of activity.

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 1 min Read
  • ProNexus Plus, The World’s First Low Profile 8x8 MiMo Antenna Covering up to 7.2 GHz

    ProNexus Plus is Amphenol Procom's latest breakthrough - a first-to-market, next-generation 8x8 MiMo antenna for fixed and mobile applications engineered for 5G and Gigabyte class LTE routers. This cutting-edge 15-in-1 antenna redefines the standards for speed and connectivity within the smallest footprint, enabling maximisation of both spectral efficiency and minimising installation cost for by reducing the need of additional antennas.

    added by antennaPRO 1 min Read
  • Anglia expands IoT range with Telit Cinterion

    Telit Cinterion products and services are now available to Anglia customers Wisbech, 12th December 2023 Anglia Components PLC today announced the expansion of its wireless module range with Telit Cinterion. After Telit’s acquisition of Cinterion, Thales’ cellular IoT product business, Anglia’s existing partnership with Cinterion has been expanded to stock, sell and support the entire range of products and services from Telit Cinterion. Anglia’s FAEs have been trained on the expanded offering.

    added by Anglia 3 min Read
  • ARU named THE University of the Year 2023

    We're proud to be the Times Higher Education (THE) University of the Year 2023. The prestigious THE awards honour ’exceptional performance during the 2021-22 academic year, and reflect ARU’s success in delivering high-impact projects during this period, despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our submission focused on the difference we make in the region and communities where we're based – while also acknowledging the broader impact of our world-leading research, and the contributions our students and graduates make to society.

    added by Anglia Ruskin University 3 min Read
  • Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Cambridge Wireless International Conference

    Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Cambridge Wireless International Conference

    added by Cambridge Wireless 3 min Read
  • “Master Your Business Finances” (06th December-Online Event)

    Are you worried about not "Uncovering Your Unknowns"? Then this free workshop is for you. Hosting at 2 PM on 06th December 2023 (GMT)

    added by Watermill Accounting/Innovation Credit 1 min Read
  • Forefront RF’s patented tunable duplexer technology officially trademarked

    RF frequency agnostic solution set to simplify software-defined radio systems in smartphones, wearables and IoT devices

    added by Forefront RF Ltd 1 min Read
  • Anglia Live joins the European party!

    Anglia Components PLC today announced that it is bringing the Anglia Live eCommerce platform to Europe, following a major investment in its logistics infrastructure and website. It will offer a standard two day service from its UK distribution centre, DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) shipped by FedEx through its Paris hub, with invoicing available in multiple currencies. In the past 5 years Anglia has consistently grown faster than the market by offering exceptional service and stock levels. It aims to replicate this model in Europe via its Anglia Live service.

    added by Anglia 2 min Read
  • Join Us for an Exclusive Power Electronics Workshop

    Workshop: "GaN/SiC Transistors for Your Next Design – Fight or Flight?" Discover the power of EMC design, testing, and troubleshooting with our dynamic workshop. Led by renowned experts in the field, Dr. Min Zhang and Dr. Yegi Bonyadi, this immersive two-hour session is tailor-made for design engineers like you, whether you're currently using or planning to integrate wide band gap devices into your projects.

    added by Mach One Design Ltd 1 min Read
  • Brilliant impulse alumni continue to dazzle as application window for 2024 programme opens

    ALUMNI of University of Cambridge’s hugely successful entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship programme, impulse continue to shine as the application window for the new 2024 intake opens.

    added by cofinitive Ltd 3 min Read
  • Glossary of patent terms – part 1

    In this two-part glossary, Appleyard Lees partner and patent attorney Parminder Lally, and trainee patent attorneys Debora Dorn and Ryan Newcombe, take you through some of the key terminology you may come across when you’re going through the patent process.

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 8 min Read
  • 5G NTN (Non Terrestrial Networks)

    5G NTN (Non Terrestrial Networks) As the CW's International Conference (CWIC) draws closer it is interesting to see the great line up of topics; it is truly “From the Moon to the Deep Blue Sea”. As such, I thought I’d provide a little background for NTN, particularly in the context of 5G.

    added by Mpirical 3 min Read
  • Protolabs x IMarEST Survey 2023: Turning Down the Heat

    Decarbonisation is the main challenge facing the maritime industry, according to a new survey by the IMarEST and Protolabs - but new technologies offer reasons to be optimistic.

    added by Protolabs 4 min Read
  • Omron marks 20 year relationship with Anglia

    Omron marks 20-year relationship with Anglia: recognition is part of Omron’s 90-year anniversary celebrations Wisbech, 20 November 2023 Anglia Components PLC recently celebrated 20 years of collaboration with Omron Electronic Components as the company’s UK distributor. The announcement comes as Omron Corporation commemorates its 90th anniversary this year.

    added by Anglia 2 min Read
  • Cambridge: City of Innovation - Protecting the future as the GreenTech market booms

    As the GreenTech market gears up for remarkable growth, technology hubs globally have a chance to seize the moment and influence the future. Esther Ford, Partner at Marks & Clerk, notes that in this dynamic landscape Cambridge has already established itself as a formidable technical powerhouse.

    added by Marks & Clerk 7 min Read
  • “Master Your Business Finances” (15th November-Online Event)

    Are you worried about not "Uncovering Your Unknowns"? Then this free workshop is for you. Hosting at 2 PM on 15th November 2023 (GMT)

    added by Watermill Accounting/Innovation Credit 1 min Read
  • New workshop launched: Snakes and Ladders - navigating your investment journey

    Everything founders and directors need to know about Seed and Series A financing.

    added by St John's Innovation Centre 1 min Read
  • Anglia launches distribution agreement with Digi

    Anglia will supply Digi’s SOM and wireless module solutions to UK customers Wisbech, 13 November 2023 Anglia Components PLC today announced an expansion to its support for Internet of Things designs following a new partnership with Digi International Inc. Anglia will now supply the Digi ConnectCore® family of SOMs and the Digi XBee® ecosystem of wireless modules, tools, and developer kits, which connect sensors and other devices to the Internet for remote monitoring and control in a range of applications, including energy, smart city, industrial and medical.

    added by Anglia 2 min Read
  • Appleyard Lees Appoints Head of IP Commercial Contracts to Support Clients of all Sizes

    Commercial and intellectual property solicitor Amritjot Jethwa has joined Appleyard Lees as the firm’s first Head of Commercial IP Contracts.

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 1 min Read
  • How DMLS Can Be Used to Produce Reliable Metal Parts

    Learn how metal additive creates complex, durable, lightweight metal parts

    added by Protolabs 9 min Read
  • J.A.M. appoints Anglia for UK launch

    Anglia Components PLC has announced its appointment as the first UK stocking distributor of Board to Wire, Wire to Wire, Board-In connectors and Terminals for Japan Automatic Machine Co. (J.A.M.), a leading manufacturer in the industrial sector.

    added by Anglia 2 min Read
  • Anglia adds Cliff connector range

    Anglia Components PLC has announced that it has added Cliff Electronic Components range of high quality audio, professional and industrial connectors its portfolio.

    added by Anglia 2 min Read
  • Anglia lights the way with Lumileds

    Anglia Components PLC, the UK's leading independent component distributor, today announced that it has been appointed as franchised UK and Ireland distributor for Lumileds, a world leader in LED innovation and manufacturing. The agreement significantly expands Anglia's already extensive range of lighting class LEDs, allowing it to better meet the needs of end markets including commercial and retail lighting, medical, horticulture, architectural, entertainment, automotive and other speciality lighting.

    added by Anglia 3 min Read
  • Simplifying Low Power Radio Implementation with Wireless MCUs

    In today's ever-evolving technological landscape, wireless connectivity has become an integral part of our lives. Whether it's in the smart home, industrial automation, or healthcare, wireless communication plays a crucial role in connecting devices and enabling the Internet of Things (IoT). This means wireless connectivity using a Low Power Radio (LPR) has become a prerequisite for most hardware designs today, traditionally these have not been easy to implement with this part of the design often left to the “RF” expert within the design department. Thankfully over the years implementing a LPR has become much easier as module solutions became available reducing the time to market vs. building a chip down solution. The next evolution of wireless connectivity is the integration of the radio into the microcontroller (MCU) to further reduce board space and time to market.

    added by Anglia 6 min Read
  • Manufacturers must nurture creativity and avoid burn-out, study finds

    A new study commissioned by digital manufacturer Protolabs highlights the challenges senior manufacturing professionals face under increasing pressure to innovate. The study, ‘The Balancing Act: Unlocking Innovation in Manufacturing’, was carried out in partnership with B2B thought leadership agency FT Longitude and reveals that the most innovative executives excel in recognising the areas of business that require urgent attention, such as retaining talent, enabling creativity and avoiding burn-out.

    added by Protolabs 2 min Read
  • IP Due Diligence and How to Build a Strong IP Foundation

    Appleyard Lees' Barbara Fleck will be on hand to answer your questions at this One Nucleus invitation only event on 14 November 2023 from 09:00–11:00 at Pennintons Manches Cooper LLP's offices in Cambridge.

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 1 min Read
  • Black Talent & Leadership in STEM Programme Launches at Homerton College

    The Black Talent and Leadership Programme has launched its ‘Be the Change Initiative’ at Homerton College, University of Cambridge. The initiative has been created to address the underrepresentation of Black talent in STEM and will work with businesses to create effective strategies to attract, retain and develop Black talent in the UK.

    added by Cambridge Wireless 1 min Read
  • “Master Your Business Finances” (11th October-Online Event)

    Are you worried about not "Uncovering Your Unknowns"? Then this free workshop is for you. Hosting at 2 PM on 11th October 2023 (GMT)

    added by Watermill Accounting/Innovation Credit 1 min Read
  • IP Corner: Commercialising your IP in China

    Your IP in China, apart from protecting it, you can also capitalise on it. Is there value in commercialising their intellectual properties in China for UK businesses? How do you go about it? Take a look at the driving forces behind China’s commercial IP market and you may find the clue. Or talk to Crayfish. We can help identify potential opportunities and make sure your IP is well protected and its journey of commercialisation smooth and seamless.

    added by 6 min Read
  • InferSens CEO joins KPMG programme supporting ‘Emerging Giants’

    InferSens co-founder and CEO, Jana Voigt has been selected to join the inaugural KPMG Private Enterprise Access (KPE Access) “Founded by Her” programme.

    added by Infersens Ltd 1 min Read
  • Introducing the Black Talent & Leadership Programme

    The Black Talent and Leadership Programme is a cross-industry initiative delivered in collaboration with CW (Cambridge Wireless), Homerton Changemakers, University of Cambridge, 10,000 Interns Foundation and Synergy Solutions which is focused on empowering and growing Black talent in STEM.

    added by Cambridge Wireless 1 min Read
  • Patchwork artificial intelligence regulations

    CW Member Ryan Long of Long & Associates PLLC shares his thoughts concerning privacy and realted issues for AI

    added by Long & Associates PLLC 2 min Read
  • Technology Briefing: Artificial Intelligence – Transforming the world as we know it

    It seems that AI is everywhere and in everything: it’s critical for managing complex infrastructures like vehicle charging networks and the green grid; it’s getting things done in business; and it’s the essential ingredient needed to sell high-tech products. Although we may now be familiar – maybe even bored – with the acronym, the technology is here to stay and is already embedded in many products and services we use daily. Services like email filtering, shopping recommendations, and virtual assistants typified by Alexa and Siri have incorporated AI for some time. They deliver natural experiences that many of us take for granted. Interactive applications, like chatbots, may soon pass the Turing test: that an AI’s imitation skills can consistently convince an evaluator that it is human and not a machine

    added by Anglia 4 min Read
  • CWIC 2023 - Call for Speakers and Startups

    As CWIC 2023 draws closer, find out how you can get involved and participate in this highlight of the UK tech events calendar

    added by Cambridge Wireless 1 min Read
  • CW Founder Members' Dinner

    Founder Members enjoyed exclusive access to the Combination Room & Terrace at Homerton College

    added by Cambridge Wireless 1 min Read
  • AI headhunting will transform the technology recruitment industry

    360Work introduces Hire Smart, a next-generation HRtech SaaS platform that harnesses the power of AI in recruitment. Serving as a "Digital Headhunter", it combines the precision of a highly-connected and research driven traditional headhunter with the scale, automation, and depth offered by AI technology. Hire Smart is poised to redefine tech talent acquisition. With its ability to sift through millions of candidates, it represents a significant leap in efficient and targeted talent sourcing, ensuring that businesses can secure top tech talents in a competitive market. This innovative platform, which has been in development for six years, aims to revolutionise recruitment in the data-driven AI age.

    added by 360Work 2 min Read
  • Invention Studio evo announced as finalist at Elektra Awards

    Iprova has been named a finalist in the prestigious Elektra Awards

    added by Iprova Ltd 2 min Read
  • Innovative Leicestershire: A Life Sciences Success Story

    This event, delivered by Medilink Midlands and Charnwood Campus, will showcase Leicestershire’s unwavering entrepreneurial spirit that has led to the creation of 3,700 jobs across the life sciences sector since 2010 and continues to generate £900M of GVA per annum. Its aim is to showcase and celebrate the considerable contribution that the Leicestershire life sciences community makes to the UK’s wider success in the fields of medical and clinical research, innovation, health data, AI and digital health.

    added by Renfrew Group International 2 min Read
  • Anglia Ruskin University Shortlisted for University of the Year Award 2023

    Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) has been shortlisted for the prestigious 'University of the Year' award at the Times Higher Education 2023 awards

    added by Anglia Ruskin University 2 min Read
  • Iprova triumphs at CogX with best AI Product award

    Iprova is thrilled to announce that it won a much-coveted Best AI Product award for its Invention Studio evo product at the prestigious CogX Festival.

    added by Iprova Ltd 2 min Read
  • EBCam take part in Skyscraper Challenge

    Congratulations to the team of four from EBCam Ltd who took part in a world first event, the London Landmark’s Skyscraper Challenge, to raise money for Tommy’s charity. They completed a 'tower run' up 42 floors of 'The Cheesegrater' followed by a jaw dropping 200 meter abseil down the building.

    added by EBCam Ltd 1 min Read
  • “Master Your Business Finances” (13th September-Online Event)

    Are you worried about not "Uncovering Your Unknowns"? Then this free workshop is for you. Hosting at 2 PM on 9th August 2023 (GMT)

    added by Watermill Accounting/Innovation Credit 1 min Read

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